Gears of war 5 Ranking for Horde mode and bring back Berserkers

Hey Coalition, I think it would be really cool to have a ranking system for Horde in Gears of war 5. It would be cool to bring back Berserkers back in then game, then the hammer of dawn would need to be back in the game. Maybe a new execution for the hammer of dawn? Don’t put the hammer of dawn in multiplayer. Just suggestions. Horde mode is a fun game type, but I think more people would be interested in the game type if ranking is involved. The berserkers would bring us back an interesting and terrifying enemy to kill once again. Since in the campaign the Locus have only been cocooned, is it possible that the berserkers come back to life as well? I know the campaign for GOW 3 ended with Merria dying, It probably won’t make sence, and/or weird, but a new Horde Boss would to be Merria. Especial bring back the classical bosses in the campaign into Horde mode. That would be very cool, and I would be playing horde mode more often.

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Who’s that Merria?

Rank on horde? Why? These leaderboards we have are exploited by people who prolong wave 50, with only the boss left, feeding him fortifications to destroy and recycle into energy. Then repeat until they reach servers time limit.