Gears of War 5 Pre-Order bonusses (?)


Devs, please, if you are giving bonusses for the pre-order of the game make it something worth the price like a campaign expansion DLC and not something like in Gears 4 that was just skins no one really liked.

(OneButtNugget) #2

We should get some DLC story too.

(Vanden255) #3

Worth the price? There is no price to pre-order. You spend the same amount of money as anyone else.

(Chaotik Element) #4

OMG and please make sure the Season pass isn’t a ripoff.

(Talimancer N7) #5

An campaign expansion for a pre-order bonus…

Op is on drugs

(Gigant0pithecus) #6

There’s no reason to preorder anymore. Digital downloads mean there’s no worry the game will be unavailable at launch and the last few games have made it a point to give away the preorder bonuses further on down the road. they’re never exclusive.

(DarkChaoz95) #7

Never heard of any game give a campaign dlc as pre order bonus and I doubt they’ll do it now especially for Gears.

Character skins is enough of a bonus for a limited time. plus i doubt they planned to do campaign dlc during year 1.

(xArjenRobben10x) #8

It doesn’t cost anything extra to pre order so I’m not sure what price you’re on about.


I enjoyed the fact that Gears Of War 4 allowed preorder buyers to play the game four days earlier. That seems like a fair preorder bonus.

(AlecGatorBBY) #10

Mm, not necessarily. Vintage Kait has never been up for grabs, and I WANT it. However, that was a beta bonus which I assume was for players who pre-ordered way ahead.