Gears Of War 5 Plot Theory

Lets talk about Gears

The game starts right after Gears 4 - JD, Kait, Del, Marcus, Cole, Baird and Sam get attacked by the Swarm, a pouncer quill pierces JD’s arm and causes an infection. The COG shows up, rescues and transports them to New Ephyra. They have a talk with Jinn, she already knows about the existance of the Swarm, so they decide to mobilize their forces, the COG drops their charges against JD, Del and Marcus and together with Kait and Oscar - who’s already at New Ephyra - join the COG as everyone starts preparing for the war.

That’s the intro.

Act 1 starts 3 months later, it’s winter. The COG and the Swarm are fighting a full scale war. Our team is sent to rescue outsiders from a village the Swarm keeps harassing. They get there and Kait reunites with her father she hasn’t seen for years, then the Swarm attacks, Kait is almost abducted by a snatcher when Del and Marcus save her. The attack is repelled, but Kait’s father dies, killed by a crystalized kantus general, the main villain of the game. Then we see the cutscene from the demo.

Then Act 2 and 3 take Del and Kait on a journey to New Hope, a journey through icy forests, deserts, jungle areas. They get there and after the scene with Kait aiming a pistol at Del we get some revelations about Queen Myrrah (her possible connection to Ruth?) and the Locust. Then they get out of the facility, where a Raven is already waiting for them.

We go back to New Ephyra, where we spend the whole of act 4 playing as JD. The Swarm launches a full scale invasion against the city. A few Swarmaks makes a breach in the Windwall and literally a swarm of monstrosities starts pouring into the city. JD, Marcus, Fahz, (possibly Cole and Clayton? :>) and hundreds of gears and DBs try to buy the civilians some time to evacuate. We also get a flashback showing Griffin’s attack on the Stroud Estate and Anya’s death.

Act 5 starts when Kait’s Raven is shot down over a Swarm-controlled district of the city. She, Del and one gear survive the crash and desperately defend their position waiting for rescue, Black Hawk Down style. When the situation gets really bad, JD’s team arrives at the crash site and we get a nice reunion. They try to breakthrough to the inner parts of the city, still controlled by the COG forces when suddenly they get ambushed by an overwhelming Swarm force led by the same kantus that killed Kait’s father. Despite JD’s warning, enraged Kate charges and attacks him with her Lancer’s chainsaw. He beats the crap out of her and takes her with him, so JD and Marcus also charge to help her. Marcus attacks first and is gravely wounded. Sam arrives in a Raven and provides air support (with Oscar on the minigun), but it’s too late - The city is falling, the Kantus successfully kindnaps Kait and Marcus bleeds out in JD’s arms.


That starting scene in the trailer must be after defending the village and there’s a tragic incident, I don’t believe it is Oscar but everyone is speculating that it is him, I had the same idea that it could be her father since we do not know any details about him, JD, Marcus and Fahz were there as backup as they’re wearing normal armour and do not have any fur or white armour that could indicate that they haven’t been there for long. I feel like we will only play as Del and Kait for 2 Acts then there will be 4 in the squad. I hope Marcus doesn’t die but the sickness he gained from being in the pod may have assistance in his death, I hope it isn’t too long before we find out more details and see more characters appear.

Exactly! Everyone assumes he’s dead, because he wasn’t around in Gears 4, but I believe they never said he died. Maybe he and Reyna just broke up and he left them?

I used think Marcus got infected in that pod, but if he’s fine a few months later I guess he was coughing because he had that pod crap stuck in his sinuses and throat.

Still think he’s not going to see the end of this trilogy and I kinda feel they’re going to kill him in 5. I’m already stockpiling tissues :wink:

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Oscar is a strong soldier he’s the only person that escaped(from what we know) a snatcher with a broken hand and killed with one hand and knife I don’t think he’s going to die that easy. It could also be a Kait’s boyfriend/husband it doesn’t seem likely but her and JD have moved on so there’s a chance. I don’t want Marcus to die though as much as it is likely I feel like he has another two games left in him :’( I like seeing how JD is more serious and more badass now.

I think this will take place longer than just three months later

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It would feel anticlimactic to have a longer time skip, the ending of Gears 4 seemed like Gears 5 is going to pick up right after it.

Kinda hope they’re going to keep things continuous.

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Yeah basically everyone feels that it is Oscar under the blanket…oh and welcome back

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Oscar underneath seems too obvious but we thought he was gone until the end of Gears 4 so maybe hes due?

What if Marcus did become infected and he becomes the swarm king?

I believe that the intro will be right after gears 4 and then act 1 will maybe be a couple months or a year later where the squad decides they can’t take on the swarm on their own so they join the cog and in act 1 we get sent on a mission to evacuate an outsider village from the swarm and there’s a massive gunfight and then that person yet to be named dies causing kait to start he quest with Del to the New Dope Facility where on her way there she gets kidnapped by a snatcher like how we see in the trailer and Del has to get help and then we start playing a Jd to save Kait

I doubt kait got into a new relationship because why would she leave Jd for someone else it doesn’t make sense you could say because of the locust necklace he doesn’t trust her anymore but he finds out about the necklace in the trailer i personally think oscar refused to join the cog like everyone else and instead joined that outsider village but the swarm attacked and the cog were send to evacuate the villagers and there was a massive gun fight but in the end oscar got picked off who knows.

With Rod saying that the world in Gears is the most diverse and large (think I heard that) I’m hoping for a solid 20 hour campaign with story dlc, maybe vignette style, that would work brilliantly. Not padding like the Horde sections on J and 4.
Gears campaigns generally sit at 10-12 hours, so it is a big ask, but fingers crossed.


Or JD will be the Swarm King because he is already infected.

Only question in my head is if Kait will be a good Kerrigan or a bad Kerrigan

He’s Not infected he burned his arm lol if you watch the trailer and slow it down you can clearly see that

We don’t know if she’ll be queen but if she does end up becoming the queen she will have to be evil the swarm are a violent species with one goal, to wipe out humanity and retake the surface world.

I think Kait will side with Swarm and become the Queen due to her inability to mentally fight it.

However, she would then begin to see reason and may broker peace and the end the war.

I’m not predicting that Kait would be the Swarm queen per se, although that definitely could happen. But I do believe that her unique ancestry will allow her to control an army of some sort at some point, and that army will either work for or against the favor of the humans.

Kait turning completely evil seems a bit obvious to me and I hope they don’t go that route. Let’s not rule out the chance that she becomes a morally gray character or an antihero of some sort. But to be honest this series’ writing has never been super subversive. So I don’t know why I’m always coming up with crazy theories.

I think a little deranged before becoming good again :raised_hands:

An asteroid hits the planet and wipes them all out.

Then it will be called Gears Of Peace.

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