Gears of war 5 physically hurts

Ya I’m with ya it’s super frustrating and doesn’t make much sense(gaming^gears lol) but at least call it what it is… I wouldn’t say it isn’t skill if it’s working lol unappealing yes. I do question how people got it down pat so well cuz it rarely works for me. Just gotta time and anticipate shots and movement better (which being a it right back to skill imo). Ftr I almost NEVER(bad edit there LOL) hard aim. Only runners and corners

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You can just watch my clips on Xbox. I wouldn’t say Im bad. I have been play gow since 2 came out. :confused:

My thoughts exactly, Steve is Adam.


THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME!! whenever i jump back on gears 5 i noticed it makes me into a ■■■■ player and it takes time to get my skill back on gears 4 if thats not proof of how baby easy gears 5 is i dont know what is

Pretty sure Crossplay has been forced for a couple operations now. So no, you can’t, because it already is.

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I know, but thx
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I’m still waiting for you :relieved:

This is literally the opposite lmao — Gears 5 esports was more about individual plays than teamwork compared to every other GoW. Teamwork isn’t just “3-4 players push together” or “2-3 players shoot 1 person.”

Ya I’d say that’s kind of an invalid/pointless argument. I personally picture “skill gap” to be a significant range between people who can play well and do it consistently and tbh scrubs. But once you hit a certain level of skill (Of course there will be a few that are just really good) generally the skills change from general game playability to anticipation and things of that nature.

That’s why I rarely say anyone is bad because it typically gets to whoever misses a shot or makes a mistake and vice versa who takes advantage of it. If we’re being honest if you’re playing good players u should hardly ever get multi kills or win >1 fights.

It’s the same arguments as sports and sports fans there own abilities. a win is a win. A crucial play is a crucial play even if you have a .7 k/d etc

I know I kind of softly described skill anyway lol but people need to just be realistic in their abilities and also capabilities of others.

I’d love to see the mathematical breakdown here.

Show me where “Gears of war 5” touched you using a dummy.

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Looks like we officially just became besties!! :relieved:

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I have to dumb down or slow down my gameplay when I hop gow 5 because it’s mostly about who can bait the other person into the bot walk first.

I think this is because they’re different games that don’t play the same? Indeed if I play Gears UE all week, when I come back to Gears 5 it will take me a second to get my bearing and get back up to speed, not gonna be taking scalps on the first round.

When Elden Ring came out I played it almost exclusively for a few weeks… came back to Gears 5 for a while and totally forgot how to play. A bit more of a difference but surely you know what I’m getting at?

Unless it’s Madden or COD and it hasn’t changed in a decade, most of the time if you go from one game to another the controls aren’t going to transfer 1:1. I agree I think Gears 5 isn’t as good but the reasons why you say it’s not good are what’s important because if you don’t know why or what it is that makes you dislike the game there’s no way for someone to fix it.

The understanding and communication of the design and controls is paramount to gut-reactions and flail.

This also depends on the kit you are using.

Yep… Those stupid emotes physically hurts my ears and brain! :confounded: