Gears of war 5 PC players?

So, obviously most people know about Gears of war 5 at this point, which is all fine and dandy. But, there is one problem, they never fixed Gears of war 4 for us PC players and now we are supposed to go out and buy the 5th one when the didn’t care whether it was fixed or not and took our money? Sorry, but I guess the guinea pigs can run out and buy it because I know I won’t be or at least for 6 months or more. I just know I won’t even touch it if I hear anything about it freezing on the PC, which Gears 4 is still doing to this day and that Is no way to keep a fan base and do good business period!!!


I play on PC. Haven’t had any issues in a long time. Did your problems started after the last update?

Then why not on Xbox?
It might be fixed, Gears 5 could possibly be played on latest drivers.
Would have to wait and see, rather than making assumptions yet.
It won’t be until another year, that’s long enough to sort the problems out.

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I hope Gears 5 isn’t plagued with the issues we got with the current game.

It looks phenomenal and i plan on upgrading my GPU near to when it launches.


Well for one, there was quite a few posts and some like 25 pages or more on the topic of gears of war 4 freezing on the PC. As far as time goes, they posted this like a year or more ago about working on it and we never heard anything back since. I don’t know if AMD people are having this issue or not, since I know it’s definitely an issue with Nvidia. It’s not my PC either because I play a lot of other games and as a lot of other people have said Gear of war 4 is the only game they play with this issue.


Sure I have seen some threads about complains on pc. But normally it was after an update, then people complained, TC fixed the issue then it was the same crap after each update.

Personally for me I didn’t had any game crashing over the last weeks. I think I got AMD.

There is a sticky in the help section dedicated to issues on PC. There has been an issue with Nvidia drivers for almost a year now where if you have anything newer than June 2017 and have a 10 series GPU your PC will crash after playing Gears 4 for a varied amount of time.

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They need to find a compromise for crossplay or PC players are screwed. It’s impossible to find a match during certain parts of the day bc it’s so dead.


I just minimized to show someone the Elder Scrolls 6 thing and i re opened Gears and i got disconnected from my Horde match :laughing:


I guess I’m a bit of a “old man” to be playing games. With that said I have been a hardcore gamer for many years now because of Gears. I mean I played games since I was a kid but nothing like I have since I Dove into The original Gears of War. I missed 2 and 3 for the most part “Gameplay” because I was drawn to PlayStation for other games and felt always much better performance so XBOX consoles began to collect dust. Eventually I stopped playing PS4 a few years back and went to most all PC for my Gaming after or up until the point I always only ever played MMORPGs on PC. Well after a good taste of the shooters I loved on PC I felt it was another huge upgrade from PS4 and now both consoles mostly collect dust.

I have recently just got Gears of War 4 so I’m pretty damn late to the part but at least I wont completely miss it like I did 2 & 3. For me the experience so far on PC has been AMAYZING! I am guilty for going ahead and re activating my XBOX Live account so I always have the option to switch to console but its ridiculous how bad the graphics are for me if and when I have to play on console at 60fps. At least it is a option though I love my gaming to much will always keep all major platforms.

I’m only just about half way through the campaign if anyone wants to Join me for the 2nd half hit me up on XBL at HeadsnapTV GOW4 is AWESOME and 5 looks amazing to I cant wait. So glad they brought Gears to console I may have never revisited this game and I have certainly been missing out.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

I doubt that, us PC players have been hoping for this for over a year now and the Coalition has not said another word, other than what they said up front that they are working on it. Sorry, but it does not take over a year to fix the problem.


Long time Gears PC Player. I’m happy that it is 100% coming to the platform, and I’m excited to see how it will turn out. I’m hopeful, but catious about the release. I never had many issues with Gears of war 4 itself on the platform, but more the windows store itself which will hurt this series again

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This is happening to me ALL the time lately.

It’s so annoying. Yet another bug in the PC version.

It makes the Xbox app impossible to use whilst you’re playing Gears.

It happens when minimizing the game, alt+tab’ing, and I’ve even had it when responding to an Xbox message notification.

It completely kicks you offline (in-game) and then takes ages to reconnect again. Of course that also boots you out of your squad too.

This is not an issue with my internet, I confirmed that by testing my network during reproducing this bug. My connection to the internet never dropped during Gears making out that it did, due to this bug.

@anon86589457 @TC_Octus are you aware of this issue? A response would be great instead of silence.

This is a horrendous bug that needs fixing ASAP.


I have a laptop on my desk that has a second monitor attached and honestly i just bring up the xbox website on my laptop to respond to messages but the website doesn’t automatically refresh messages so you have to constantly reload the page. but yeah i hope that they either fix this issue by Gears 5 (or hopefully before that) or Windows 10 updates so that you can bring up the xbox app in-game

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Yeah, I still can’t play in crossfire since they introduced multi GPU support. And a lot of other players too. (Even with Nvidia).
I haven’t finished the game because I wan’t to play at its best and to do that I need the game to keep running after a couple of minutes, just the time for the benchmark (which is cool, but won’t let me pass any encounter).

I won’t buy Gears 5 until I experienced Gears of War 4.

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Having the Xbox app available in-game would be such a quality of life improvement.

The current system feels so disjointed. I barely ever get notifications for Xbox messages either from Windows 10, so I’m constantly having to alt+tab back and forth to see if someone replied when setting up games

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They recently made it to where when you get a message it pops up on screen and when you get an achievement it makes the xbox achievement sound and has a pop up for it. so maybe they are working on integrating the xbox app into games

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If there’s one thing I learned playing Gears 4 on PC is that I will have to buy an xbox if I intend to play versus on gears 5. Social and Horde work just fine but ranked is simply not available for me.

As for the freezing and crashing bugs, I play on AMD RX580 perfectly fine until windows decides it’s in my best interest to update itself without warning and of course breaking the game completely. My solution? BLOCK ALL UPDATES FOR WINDOWS 10, last one was on november and the game have played flawlessly ever since.

Microsoft store and xbox app? they are so poorly supported and crash all the time, I never get the messages / invites on time or downloads take forever to finish.

Will buy digital version so I can play on PC if by some miracle Microsoft decides to fix their exclusive all star game.

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WOW… You play so rarely that you always play when the OS is installing updates? After ignoring all the messages?
Also, what registry keys did you change to overwrite the normal behavior of the OS?

Also, I don’t know if you are a zombie on purpose or just trolling.
(You are trolling for sure, I’m referring only to the “disabled update” part).