Gears of war 5 PC Microphone Issue

I’m playing Gears 5 on PC - Can hear my teammates and I can type but my mic isnt working in game. any weird trick to make it work? Yes push to talk is disabled, team chat is enabled, and it’s also enabled on the settings for windows 10. Thanks


I’m facing the same problem. Hearing everyone. But cant talk. In audio settings , I turn on my mic for gears 5. Also in privacy settings its allowed.

Gears 4 no problemo.

Possible fix:
uninstall audio drivers for games (Nvidia and AMD) Let windows search audio drivers (probably Realtek) Then try again.
Also be sure to: alow gears 5 in privacy settings to use microphone. And gears is using the right microphone source. (not webcam etc.)

Note: THE MICROPHONE ICON NOT showing when YOURSELF speaking trough it., In gears 4 you had. so you have to guess it works now OR u have to ask a team mate if they can hear you.

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Same here I’m on xbox but having same issue no mic movement when I talk but hear others even reinstalled

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So in party chat on PC my mic works - it’s just in game and in game lobbies it still doesnt work. I dont know what else to try

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how has no one helped solve this yet…


I can’t talk to my mom teammates, fix this please. You are Microsoft for crying out loud

Same to me. I think its totaly normal. When this happends, normaly the server kicks out players or overloaded and exit game. I’ts not a problem of ur pc. Gears have to fix this I guess.

Game is juist out. and only a few people having this problem. Priority will be low. official release is…if I remember… 6 days later after the preorders.

I’m having the same issue on pc…Mic works fine with anything else but not gears 5. I have tried privacy settings turning off my oculus rift mic and any other mic that might be active and still nothing works. I mean can’t complain to much we are the beta test dummies here, just have to report it as a bug and hope for the best

Try this fix guys and in sound settings

uninstall nvidia or amd AUDIO drivers. reinstall normal. and keep graphic driver

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You know what man it might just be my mic now that I think about it, you saying that made me realize it’s a usb headset so Nvida or realtek isn’t actually running it…I might need to track down software if there is any for this particular mic. Funny thing is it works fine on Gears 4 never had an issue

So my mic started magically working today. Like the first game I played when i woke up my mic was working

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still cant fix it, went to windows settings, steam streaming mic was selected, enabled the headset… windows can detect (even boosted the volume) gears still won’t detect

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day 6 , still cant hear my teammates, mic still not being picked up. ABSOLUTELY ridiculous

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this game requires so much communication and I cant. it sucks.,

dude this is a glitch for me. I am on pc and i can’t hear any voice chat. and i guess they can hear me. what in the hell i have never encountered a glitch like this before please patch jesus it is so annoying after a few days of silence.

BUMP still cant hear anyone, they can hear me tho,

All other audio seems fine,

I think I have this issue too.

hard to tell because they removed the chat bubble for your own nameplate. works in gears4, works in the XboxApp/GamBar

add it to the list of bugs I guess

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Steam PC paying for Xbox live, still can’t talk. It’s allowed in settings all that. BS. Need to be able to chat in game guys.