Gears of War 5 now

Gears 5 has to be a beta for Gears of War 5. Gears 5 is just too bad and I would like the real Gears of War 5 now TC. The joke has gone on long enough lol


I don’t see how these kind of comments should be taken seriously. They are no more than vague cheap shots at the devs, and not constructive at all. If you want change, try sincerely listing the problems you think need addressing, and maybe even offering suggestions.

A mere cheap shot followed by LOLcomes of as a prank really, and it does the devs and the forum no service. Quite frankly I don’t know why they even allow such “threads”, IF you can even call it that.


Gears 5 was a cheap shot to the players…


At this rate, the thread will no doubt be locked soon. Just a waste of space.


I want you to take a look at the condition of the game right now. And then tell me this game isn’t a cruel prank played by the devs.

If these guys can’t use the multiple outlets of criticism/feedback available to them, then they should be out of a job. They have their own forums, twitter, reddit, discord, and facebook to draw ideas from and they choose to ignore it.

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I’m not saying you don’t all have a right to your opinion, just that vague cheap shots don’t detail them constructively, and does no good. All you’re doing is giving the devs and people whom enjoy the game a reason not to participate in the discussion. How well is that working for you?

It got the Gears 2 curbstomp taken out of the store


Gears 5 is a joke and can’t be taken seriously as a game. I can make any post I want if they can make any garbage game they want


At least our cheap shots dont come with a 60$ price tag…


The point is guys, with your analogy about it being no worse than what they’re doing, you’re being just as non constructive and senseless as you claim them to be.

At that point I’m sure they would just gravitate toward those whom like and enjoy the game instead, as you have nothing useful to offer, It’s a matter of looking at it both ways.

There’s far too much angst threads here. Even the TC thread to discuss new characters being implemented, which is open to discussion, requests, ideas, is being closed often for flags.

I have no problem seeing complaints, suggestions, examples of gameplay problems, etc, most games could use improvement, but this mockery fest is very unproductive.

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Shhhhh… don’t wake @GhostofDelta2, Ghostdaddy is sleeping… ALTHOUGH, I don’t think this thread can be locked, so long as it isn’t bait, name shaming, trolling, etc.

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Horde in 5 is so terrible. Horde in 5 like ‘’‘Nerf player, Buff NPC enemy’’’’’