Gears of War 5 new maps

So could we have more fan favourite maps like River, Blood Drive, Jacinto and maybe Gridlock?

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If you are asking the fourmers? A resounding yes!
If trying to ask TC? Try twatter🖖🏻

Bring back Guardian!!!



No man thanks… enough with the BIG MACS from mcdonalds… .we all want new cheeseburguers from another establishment.

Is Red in here yet?


If yes … Eww no more remakes are you kidding me?


It’s Gears 5, not Gears of War 5.

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HEY i think Gridlock is a pretty good map tbh.

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Gridlock is a great map. I also laugh whenever someone suggest new maps, there’s only so many ways you can arrange tiles of cover and believe me we are way past the point of any innovation.

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Why no news on additional maps? They are radio silent…

For myself, I’d love to see Gridlock, Raven Down and new maps

Please no Raven Down! :unamused:

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lol 28 days later. That was an interesting film.

I watched it years ago…I don’t get the reference…

It’s because TC doesn’t do a very good job of communicating their direction.

In a developers stream from a month or two ago, they acknowledged that they had not applied the appropriate resources to developing maps at the pace the community was expecting them. They said they have now changed this, but it will be a while (about 6 months) before we see this change in direction.

Also, Dana mentioned that the team is VERY well aware of the maps we want back citing examples of maps like River and Jacinto.

Edit: That’s not to say we wont see any new maps for another 4 months, but likely no brand new maps until then.

River could be interesting since it never came back since its inception (Gears 2) but Jacinto was good back in Gears 2 and 3…I wouldn’t be excited for that one returning

Your post was made 28 days after the the most recent post. It’s funny on another level because you in effect resurrected a “dead” thread which figuratively speaking makes it a zombie.

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DryDock is awesome

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I want academy back think it would work good in this game