Gears of war 5 needs

First things first… A leaderboards ! Who doesn’t want to see where they rank in the gow community for each gamemode. The ranking system is alright seeing what tier you are whatever but at the end of the day. You play for score an I want to see where my score ranks amongst other players.
Number 2 make one gnasher not core and competitive.
Number 3 stop the rolling please because I didnt experience this in other gears.
If you cant do this call up epic an ask them how they did it.
Number 4 If your going to charge 100 dollars again for a game and season pass please make me feel exclusive . And also give me different maps not remakes. I’m a gears head for life but this game has so much potential sort of like gow3 and gow 2 had dont screw it up


I think all maps for like the first 6 to 12 months should be NEW maps. And by new I don’t mean adding environmental effects to launch maps and calling it new… 20 to 24 unique maps… Then, you do like old school gears and have like a flashback map pack with 6 to 12 old school favorites (that includes River) :wink: