Gears of war 5 mysteries

Well just a topic of Choice aswell so hyped for this next year. Anyway im wondering about new weapons maps etc. is anyone wondering about the cutscene from GOW3 where Marcus & Griffin argued then we didnt see the part where they met again in 3 or 4. Griffin said we will meet again i wonder if they do in 5 ???

I can see him returning, although the problem with him is that he’s a cameo character. He’s voiced by a celebrity and that is the only reason he survived.

Hopefully TC can do more with his character if he does return. I think it would be kind of interesting to see Gears turn darker again and this time have you fight humans as well as Swarm.

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I’m thinking any human fight should involve corruption at the heart of the COG or fighting against a traitor.

For example JD & co and the COG wants to eliminate the swarm but then some high ranking dude wants to caputure the swarm and turn/use them as sort of biological weapon for his own ends.

Then again this does sound cringey… glad I aint a narrator / stort writer.


I hope to see Griffin in Gears 5…I mean I know Ice T was in the studio obviously to make lines for his Horde/MP model but why did it take so long after that to have him available? Is it possible TC had him works on lines for Gears 5 that far out? Maybe half his lines and he will be back to finish up? Would be awesome to have him back and possibly finish or at least reconcile with Marcus and help out

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Likely time commitment issues, but either way that is possible. I defiinitely would like to see Old man Griffin make a reappearance and finally settle his beef with Marcus.

Nah, I think that’s the way to go.

Or at least show off what JD and the COG did in that one settlement that was so horrible. The COG was never meant to be the good guys, they were always meant to be a force of “well we’re the ones left and we’re fighting monsters” but Karen Traviss really turned them into a typical force for good.

I think your idea could work great. Where else does Gears new trilogy really have to go besides another Locust Queen resurgence/creation?

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