Gears of War 5 - My Opinion

So this is gonna be my opinion after beating the campaign and playing a bit of multiplayer


So the campaign I felt did good but at the same time was a bit disappointed. I honestly don’t really care about the new characters like Del, JD etc. but I did like the lore expanding they did with how Kait is connected to Queen Myrrah. But at the same time I was expecting something to happen.Like at the end we now know that somehow Kaits mother survived and is now the Locust Queen. What?! Why?! I was expecting Kait to be the new queen but her mother? I think Kait would’ve been a better choice for that not her mother. Also I hated that we’re not playing as the OG crew. Marcus is my main man when it comes to Gears of War. Gears 4 they had a flashback section where your fighting alongside the OG crew but your not playing as them which was disappointing. And they hid Marcus, Baird, and Cole for almost the whole game! Here they get more screen time but please! Please! The Coalition if your reading this, please have us play as Marcus the next game. He and the rest of the OG crew need to be the stars of Gears of War 6. And why is the campaign only 4 Acts long? If I remember correctly, all the Gears of War games had 5 Acts and that ending at the end? Why end the campaign there? I was expecting something else.


So the multiplayer I think is pretty much the same as the last game. Same basic modes, same weapons with a minimal amount of new ones. But why can’t I choose the game mode that I want to play instead of choosing Arcade, Ranked, or Classic playlists? If I only want to play 1 particular mode, let me choose to play that mode instead of being on a rotation. I know Ranked lets you play a particular mode but if I don’t want to play Ranked, let me choose in Arcade or Classic. There’s very few characters to pick from both sides. Like where’s Carmine?! You have more characters in the campaign than multiplayer! Gears of War 4 had way more characters than this. The blood spurts are pointless like who cares about blood spurts. And why is my Chainsaw button the reload button?! I want it back to what it was! Hold B for chainsaw. Melee can be the camera stick when you click it not B! I can’t change the mapping because it won’t let you! Change it back! Please!


Gears of War 5 is a good game overall but the amount of letdowns for me pits it below the original games. Like I said before this is my opinion.

To The Coalition if your listening,
Consider all my points from me and other players