Gears of war 5 mp should be more like gears of war 3 mp

all gears of war 4 maps should be transferred over to gears of war 5.

I’ve only played Gears 4. But from what I understand, most people were upset that all the Gears 4 maps were pretty much just Gears 3 maps.
Someone correct me if i’m wrong

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All gears 5 maps should be tested before release, some work fine in some modes while others play poorly. The day/night & fog, windflare and other effects should be the same map and change between rounds.

I just want some map interaction, I have fond memories from Tyro Station, Garden and Hail.


It’s actually a collection of maps from Gears 1-3, not just from 3. And yeah it’s mostly boring as a result. They remade maps that weren’t even fan favourites for some reason. People definitely want the favourites remade, but not just cluttered with trash maps from the past.


I agree! They should make the retro lancer and overkill starting weapons. It would really spice things up.

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Hell no!


More variety and choice, what is not to like. I love the retro. :+1:

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Retro would be pretty cool. Especially if they brought back the Hammerburst as a starting weapon as well. I think that they would counter each other quite nicely.
No No No to the Overkill…

i would agree but i would like for the hammer burst to be like it was in gears 2,3 a burst weapon not this 3 burst â– â– â– â– 

Don’t forget people were upset because they paid money for these maps based on some claim by TC.

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Gears 2 pls.

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Hell no. No retro, no hammerburst, overkill or whatsoever as starting weapon. There should only be you, your lancer, snub and Gnasher. Not even enforcer.


Here we go on the Enforcer again…

There was an in depth post with someone complaining about enforcer just last week, and the vast majority of the many replies more or less stated Enforcer is easy to counter and if you’re dying repeatedly by it, your play-style is flawed.

This is going to be the 6th installment of Gears if you count judgement… I think having a starting weapon that wasn’t in the first game from over a decade ago isn’t too much to ask. In my experience, players like you just want the same game and mechanics bundled up in a new box and a higher number next to the name. Let the game evolve and innovate.

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Please god no. Gears of war 4 has some of the worst flow I have ever seen in a gears game.

Not really.

Clocktower, War Machine, Gridlock, Fuel depot, Raven Down and Canals were all in Gears 1. Blood Drive, Security and Avalance were in Gears 2.

The only maps that were first on 3 is Drydock, Checkout and Old Town.

The rest are new maps released on Gears 4.

I might have forgotten one or two…

Btw, Gears 1/UE will always be the best.

You people really want Retro as a starting weapon?

So basically you want the Gnasher to die out?