Gears of War 5 Montage | 'Forever' - Z i i

I’ve always loved montages, I’ve made them since 2006 and continue to do. I might not always have the best gameplay, editing but I always try to “create” something. My first montage on Gears 5 was me getting used to PC Gears and the franchise again after taking a break away from it. I believed I was making one montage and quitting. However 8 months later I’m still here and that is thanks to your support.

In thanks to you I wanted to create a piece that reminds me of the “old days”. The classic montage music we all know so well and listened to at the time, the flury of shotgun kills and the odd nice snipes. I didn’t want to really try “compete” with other Gears 5 montages, they do wall bouncing, trap music and that’s not me. I’m the guy that tries to win every game he plays and records his best moments.

In this montage there will be, the odd nice shot, the odd blindfire, a few nice hill retakes and some shotgun sprees. Sadly it’s more flank and one shot 4 people rather then dance 3 people into the ground but hey, it is what it is.

This video probably wont do very well, it’s too long and peoples attention span these days … well… 14 minutes of montage is too much, better 3 videos! However I wanted to create a “piece” something I personally can look back on fondly, so here it is.

  • Record time, Start of OP3 For 2.5 Weeks, trying my best, peaking at 2% Masters on Ranked KOTH. On a personal note, at times I’ve played very well beating some very strong teams and players, its the first time in years I’ve felt ‘good’ at a game, so that’s been nice. All gameplay is ranked, apart from I think 3 FFA clips, they are social as that’s all there is. I’m glad people enjoy custom bouncing, killing bouncers and other people but for me a montage should always be against players that are trying to kill you in anyway possible! So I went for only ranked.

  • Edit Time - To make time pass more quickly I edited this on stream, in 3, 5 hour streams, so 15 hours, then 2-3 off stream. It probably doesn’t look like it has 15 hours into it but I tried my best to sync it, make it flow, not be boring for 15 minutes but also not be so over edited people turn away, hopefully I achieved that.

Thanks for the support - GGZii


I know that feeling.

I played borderlands 2 as Zer0 and recorded the whole thing. Then I made a montage of every critical I got in the game from start to finish. Took 2 weeks to edit.

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Awesome video. Keep up the good work man :call_me_hand:

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Thanks yeah editing takes a long time, whats odd is my most simple loooking edits take the longest, I tried so hard to not over edit haha

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Watched it as soon as you uploaded it, one of your subs lol but great job bro.

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Great job!! Really nice clips

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Awesome clips. It was a great video. I might make a short montage🤩