Gears of War 5 Masters

I have fully come to terms with the fact that i wont be able to obtain masters in Gears 5 TDM. It is annoying because i know i have the skill to obtain the rank but my teammates however do not. Every Match i am forced to carry teammates but let me ask you a question, how do you carry when your teammates keep rushing the opposing team who is camping with both power weapons, you cant! I since realized i don’t need a weapon skin to prove i have years of skill behind me :frowning:

How do you even get Masters when your random teammates are donuts and if you try to play with friends you can’t find a match?


You should be able to find a match with a party of 2 or 3. You’re not going to find matches as fast solo, but it’s totally doable. As far as randoms… Yup, Not much of a strat for that, unfortunately. Sometimes the sandbags are simply too heavy lol

i got to masters in tdm playing with randoms. you literally have to almost always carry or get mvp until you are about diamond 2 or so. in diamond2 you actually start getting decent team mates lol!

but what you’re saying was actually frustrating to me as well. you always get 2 sometimes even 3 guys going 5-13. you gotta go like 20-4 every game, they need to fix this matchmaking…

im d1 now after the reset, trying to get back!

Good luck solo brother, you’ll have to carry every game and get demotaved when seeying quitters and game pass users on your team while the other team is stacked

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It’s like dragging a sack of mouldy potatoes behind you and when you finally reach where you’re going you just get slapped in the face

Thought I’d play a game before I go out, exactly the same thing. It’s pointless playing at this point


please tell me you at least gained a minimum of 50 points in those matches? because i know if i lose a match where im mvp and go 20-5 i sometimes lose 30 points lol

i played 1 match against you
you good :+1:

Basically, you need to have a good run of games and get lucky with randoms if solo.

:joy::joy::joy: of course not

I’ve gained 4 points in about 20 matches, sad part is TC think their matchmaking works


The higher your rank, the worse your teammates are because the game knows you can carry more dead weight


Honestly, I just whip out some sarcasm and try to get as many kills as possible if we don’t manage to crash their tents.

Basically impossible to do against a decent team on Bunker or Icebound though LOL

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At least u can get matches in my country impossible to find ranked matches

So what is a master rank that’s only in selected country’s

I’ve run into games where I’ve had level 1s with no re-ups on my team in Diamond. Skill comparison was something like 68k to 94k in the other teams favour. Finding a decent party with LFG seems like the only way to grind up the ladder without going MVP every game. Hoping Operation 2 fixes things up a bit.


i know what you mean. like how are we matching with so many of these obviously new players? the skill gap is so big i bet pherret gets a few messages from these guys saying hes a cheater or hacking. thats how big the skill gap is LOL has happened to me

i felt like when i was around d2 my team started getting a bit better, maybe some of the guys on my team were in a party then haha

Nearly diamond 2 in TDM now not even suprised to see this kinda ■■■■

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Got it in Solo being 10 times mvp in a row even with Trash Team mates, good luck

Even when getting mvp and winning you can still loose points. Just got a match tripled as everyone’s score and kills not eliminations yet still lost points. This ranking system is harsh

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Yeah it’s painful and frustrating af, doing it on koth and I can’t keep doing this to myself😂