Gears of war 5 lobby dissolved during game

Hey any mods help me out? I was playing ranked tdm and it randomly kicked my out saying lobby dissolved then gave me a ban and now I have to play three quick play games, like do they just want me to quit playing gears of war games?

In the time you wasted here, you could have at least finished one of those matches.

Also yes.

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The mods aren’t part of the development team at TC. They are volunteers who just moderate the forums.

The only way they can help with this situation, is if you send them your gamertag and password, and maybe they will play these 3 quickplay games for you. But you do it at your own risk. :wink:

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To answer your problem honestly, Its just an issue that’s been around for awhile. No one knows why and TC never bothered to fix it before dropping support for the game.

It’s a common thing the remaining Gears players deal with now and then with no work around to avoid It. Play the social match toll and pray It doesn’t happen again. It sucks but that’s the state TC left the game in.

Edit - Contacting TC/Submitting a ticket will do nothing. I believe they’ll only take action on harassments and maybe cheaters. Anything else is up to you to troubleshoot.

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3 matches you say…isnt the default 2 matches, had you already been a naughty boy/girl/other :wink::thinking:

As for getting kicked mid game, it has happened to me also, it is frustrating but not much we can do. Just play coop bots, you will be back in no time :+1:

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coop bots works? That’s sweet! I run into social sweats often lol.

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