Gears of war 5 issue

I have been playing Gears of war 5 since the early access launch began on the 5th. However I am already experiencing many annoying problems with the game. When I play any multiplayer or versus online matches my game always says that a problem occurred when retrieving my match stats. I can’t level up because it does not give me any of my points or count any of my wins or kills due to the stats not loading at the end of the game. How am I supposed to level up or complete challenges when this happens every single time I play a match? For example the challenge win 10 matches, every time I win a match it does not count it towards the challenge. It’s basically like I didn’t even play because I did not receive my credit at the end of the match. This needs to be fixed because I didn’t waste my money just to be stuck at a low level due to something wrong on the games part.