Gears of war 5 Hhhh

Just buy new black steel charter and weapon skins and it say I have not buy them

unfortunately it’s a common issue. I’ve been lucky to not have any problems at all

Purchases can, unfortunately, take some time to show up. It can take up to 24 hours. If, after 24 hours, the items have not shown up, reach out to with your details

If you buy iron it works fine, if you buy the skin you get railed. TC in a nutshell.


I haven’t had any issues with buying TCs CS skins, knock on wood ofc that it never happens lol.

I think I just have the mineman charm :wink:

You’re definitely in the minority. It hasnt worked for me first time yet.

New picture:


*Who the fook is that guy?


Clone trooper 99

I hate it when it say i have not buy them. its unfortunate

Since I know nothing about SW, I can’t tell if you’re joking or not :frowning_face:

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That’s actually Captain Grey to be exact.

Shes joking sadly, and she knows how to work my nerves :pensive:


Lol, mineman privilege :sunglasses:

Good thing I didn’t make my gamer pic drake with his latest headlines……


How could you?

Innocent until proven guilty, 'Merica baby

Never said he WAS guilty….

still waiting

you’re never on anymore smh… remember what we had


@TC_Clown said the same thing.

Been trying to be :sparkles:happier :sparkles: … I’m sorry

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I thought you were happier with me…

nah but fr, hope you’re good and doing well bestfriend.
I’m hitting the gym later, will do a half rep of 4 plates on an incline bench for you :gift_heart:

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Thank you BFF. I crushed shoulders for you :heart:

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