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Gears of war 5 Gameplay impressions/suggestions

Feels Great! But at the same time i feel like it fires 0.4 seconds too fast which causes it to be incredibly hard to fight when someone decides to turtle.

Corner Camping
It’s back! And better than ever. I feel like a good idea would be to give characters an innate audio queue after moving from a stationary position for more than 5 seconds. This would give players a split second more to react to a corner camping player.

Keyboard and mouse/Crossplay
I fully support crossplay, However in a ranked game I condemn unfair advantages. While you can enable/disable crossplay you can’t do so for the Keyboard and mouses users on console. I read a suggestion and I completely agree. It goes as followed but in my words “Integrate an Input detection system and reallocate all Keyboard users to PC servers/locking them into “Crossplay” servers”. A penalty for players whom swap mod game would be a simple “Crossplay” lock for 6 hours on first penalty and several days for every one after.

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