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Gears of War 5 - fun addition/suggestions


(o Hawker o) #1

this is not a post for those of you who want to talk about weapon tuning :face_vomiting:
LET’S HAVE FUN WITH THIS GAME i know people get all serial but it’s a game. WE NEED A NEW GAME- NOT AN UPDATE ON 3. it gets boring after a while playing the same thing over and over again on 4 maps. DO YOU PEEPS HAVE ANY FUN IDEAS OR THOUGHTS TO MAKE OUR GAME DYNAMIC?

DBNO- call of duty blackops 4 has a great way of doing this- if someone downs a person it’s their kill if their teammate “cleans it up.” please add clean ups so people don’t steal kills anymore - perfect way to promote teamwork problem solved =)

Cog Hunter- kill an enemy, collect a dog tag, transfer the cog tags to drop off location.

Battle Royale- or massive free for all- for those of you who don’t like BR- don’t play the gametype. i personally like the challenge of beating a large group of people in a high stakes game. people like the challenge and adrenaline rush/ it sells/ deal wit it.

Capture the Flag?

KingCoG- Free for All- if you are the kill leader you get perks and selection of weapon but there is a mark over your head- your active reload margin gets bigger- your character rolls a bit further - runs a bit faster


w/ perks- WHAT PERKS WOULD BE INTERESTING TO SEE in gears of war?

⁃ i think it would be cool to mark someone as your rival on the other team and have their stats highlighted to you in a competitive way.

⁃	it would be nice to have a system where you could have a string attached to one of your teammates so that you knew where they were at all times and how to get to them quickly- like a trail connecting you two during the game. 
⁃	disallow party chat- and let the teams be able to talk in between the rounds. adds to competition factor 

add fun things like betting experience points . if you think you’re going to beat the team you’re up against put your money where your mouth is ( not literal money) and wager your rank.

reactive body armors- like general raam has more krill around him the more kills he gets

or the more souls you collect the more you see little souls floating around the person

reactive camos like call of duty has- the more kills you have the more your gun changes.

A melee sword please! one that’s quick and clashes smoothly with other melees like the chainsaw

a sticky detonator - an explosive that can be shot into enemies and objects and be controlled remotely

sos grenade or sensor dart to mark a specific location

-being able to tackle someone from behind?
-taunts, so we don’t have to teabag anymore

a maze map.

a map that changes sections (like one on a fighting game where you punch a dude off the roof and then the background changes.)

tighter maps in general with more walls to bounce off of- gears innovated the cover system

(MLG Stories) #2

This reminds me of Judgement, I hope they dont stray to far down that road again.

Edit: Some good ideas, some bad.


Gears of War has it’s own MO. Do not attempt to make it into a BF/COD/Fortnite. This list is pretty awful.

(o Hawker o) #4

i know it’s MO. i’ve been playing it since day one faithfully, and it’s getting pretty repetitive. what makes this list awful? (knowing that you are not the only one playing the game.) also, i appreciate all of the constructive suggestions you typed up for us.


Yeah because you know, a lot of people want what you posted. Just look at the forum members chomping at the bit with their responses. pretty sure 90% of the community will not want a COD/Fortnite type game just like you are asking for. keep up the good work.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #7

I agree about the downs. Most games seem to get this right but it’s still a problem in Gears. The points aspect is fine but the kill column reflects badly on guys like me who get a lot of downs taken. Yesterday a teammate asked me how the hell I was leading with 4 kills and he had 9. It was mostly due to downs being taken by other teammates.

I’d love to see more weapon variety. I’m so bored with the same damn weapons.

I’d like to see the VS maps be more interactive and changing. They’re always a bunch of boxes to have shotty fights on. That’s fine. But add elements for players who like to strategise and think their way to victory.

I’d also like to see more consistent indicators of friend and foe.

Horde should have effects/poisons added to guns like Borderlands and such. Instead of an explosive headshot card, you could choose things like a poison bullet (which drains health from organic enemies), electrical damage (which stuns robotic enemies), etc.

(hiivasieni) #8

25wave real boss horde where you have 5 hard bosses and where you really need to give all in, it could also be more like that battle in cave with that huge corpser in gears 3. that boss battle was just great.

Also some sesonal co-boss battle would be fun, but it needs to be hard and bosses should be new ones, not those from mainstory.

(Stoic Slab) #9

This game needs random crits.

(NiszczycielM) #10

For quite long time i was thinking about “fabular” horde. It’ll be for only 4 players. And also there will be 60 or 30 waves(boss each 10 or 5 waves)
You start in some abandoned facility similar to some gears 5 map and first 10 or 5 waves will be fulled with gears 5 enemies and in boss wave you’ll have some boss from gears 5.

11-20 waves will be fulled with gears 4 enemies and boss from gears 4(snatcher, swarmak, carrier) and all that will take place on some gears 4 map

21-30 waves will have judgment enemies and judgment boss on judgment map

31-40 gears 3 enemies, bosses, map

41-50 gears 2 enemies, bosses, map

51-60 gears 1 enemies, bosses, map

In this horde music could be added, first 10 waves will have gears 5 music and analogiccaly for rest of waves

Start of horde will be something about group of soldiers that have a mission to secure an area, after 10 waves short cutscene appear about swarm pushing COG and gears will have to go to another area.

Some characters can have some special dialogs(maybe in wave 40 if you play as v-day marcus and myrrah will be boss, they would start talking like they did in the end of gears 3 campaing)

(Buster McTunder) #11

Most are modern and feel like you’re trying to turn Gears into a Cod/Apex clone. Like said, Judgement did that and did poorly.

(o Hawker o) #12

Can you guys please stop saying it’s a cod/apex ripoff. and that it’s like judgement without giving examples. judgement was so far left of what gears is - one primary/spawn with grenades/ weird game mechanics that it’s not fair for you to come in here say that and bounce. i have not suggested that- i have suggested that we make the game diverse and fun and asked for suggestions on how to do that.

PS: thank you for everyone adding fun suggestions for multiplayer and horde!