Gears of War 5 developers

Anyone know who the developers of gears of war 5 are gonna be? is the coalition going to be the developer?

Is this a joke ?
Surely you know that TC have developed the game…I would think it already pretty near completed as well!
…still think you are on a wind up though :wink:


Seriously? Dude the game is almost done and will be released this year. A Gears 5 versus tournament will take place in the upcoming months so it’s safe to say they will meet this years release announcement.

As for the developer, what made you think it would be someone other than TC? I’m actually curious.

It’s TC.

They’re the Gears of War studio from Microsoft. Other studios, like Splash Damage (and other third parties) act as a support team for elements of development. Otherwise, TC handles most mainline and major Gears projects.

Infinity Ward last time I heard…


Wow, thanks for joining a few hours ago and making a useless and asinine post.


Maybes they’ll charge 1$ for a red Dot on us…

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Really guys? he is obviously baiting you and trolling you and yet you fall for it hahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

We all know TC is making Gears 5 and Gears 6 to complete the 2nd Trilogy

But how do we know it’s not Black Tusk making it???


TC is BT lol

I was joking lol

Splash Damage is working on campaign while Coalition does multiplayer

Some people just don’t appreciate the monotony of sarcasm