Gears of war 5.. delay timers for shooting?

So I have noticed every time I come out of a rodie run I have to do nothing or, walk for 1 full second before being able to shoot my gnasher. I literally have the time to press RT 3 to 4 times and by that time it’s too late for the shot. But theres no doubt theres a delay of one full second of standing after coming out of a rodie run to be able to shoot. I cant even think of the reason for this because someone can still wall bounce and get a kill mid way threw it as if they up A’d me so the last not the reason. Anyone else notice this or have comments about it? Also its apparent theres no such thing as a west server because I’m always at 90 ping even playing by myself. When any other game I play I’m at 30. Wth gears, dont you know that every second counts and your literally forcing me to deal with delays and bad ping??

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Not only that but the game is suffering from severe input lag …you thinking you’ve shot but nothing comes out and you get blasted in your face is input lag …i feel like the movement is soo rubbish in this game and the game eats up your inputs , the game is forcing you to move more slower and really just catering to the new wave of players .

Yeah and they always use that excuse which is really pissing me off. Influx of players blah blah blah. Like they didnt know game pass ultimate was on sale, like they didnt know every xbox game literally got a messge on there xbox about the BETA and the game release it self, on top of all the Ads microsoft was putting out. Literally have seen gears 5 on my screen somewhere from ads or whatever since beta. And they want to blame that all the time. It agervates me how not ready they where and how lazy the game feels in terms of how it should be. It’s like they just have miss comming after another…