Gears of war 5 crashes right before title screen

Hi, I’m having issues with Gears of war 5. I decided to download it since it’s on game pass and now after installing it I keep getting this weird crash right before it launches the title screen. At first it wouldn’t even launch, I realized I didn’t install it to my C:\ drive and then when I reinstalled it to my C:\ drive it launched but only goes to the first loading screen right before the title menu where you press enter or start or whatever and as soon as the game registers that screen it crashes before it even appears on my monitor. I was wondering if someone out there might be having the same issues as I am and possibly found a fix for this, any tips would be appreciated.

Edit: It pops up with microsoft store package dependency installer at start up, selecting no to it is what fixed my problem, will let you know if it crashes again.

Edit 2: this fix was only temporary, closed the game and launched it again and selected no and still couldnt get to the title screen. After it crashes it usually has me reinstall but it just downloads some files it needs and i can launch the game right away, I was able to get past the title screen again this time by clicking yes, it then launched to the title screen and popped up with an anti virus notification and said gears of war 5 was trying to change a file so i allowed it. I was alt tabbed out of gears of war at startup and it popped up with that notification, it’s never done that before so i guess by being alt tabbed I could allow gears to change files. I closed out of it again and it seems like it doesn’t need to install the dependency and everything runs ok, I haven’t played yet so I don’t know if it’ll crash while playing but so far I seem to have fixed the whole issue with it not being able to go to the title screen.