Gears of War 5 BETA - Could 2 Be Possible?

After the E3 reveal last night, I am SUPER excited for the next Gears.

I like that it’s something different and you are playing as Kait who is in need of answers as to her nightmares and potential links to the Locust / Swarm.

I expect it will be a much better and all round more in depth campaign for 5 and I’m hoping for a few more boss fights!

I’m not so sure about Swarm DB’s - never been a fan of DB’s themselves and now infected ones seems a little soulless to me - I don’t know, but I prefer to have more focus on new Swarm Varients than simply infected DB’s but we shall see! There’s still what, over a year and half left to go before potential release.

And that leads me onto the topic title - Gears 5 will probably release around September - November 2019.

Now, Gears games have had Betas in the past before and I expect there’s a good chance we will be one for 5.

The aim of a BETA is to test and provide a developer with valuable information.

Now, Gears 4 could have been an all-time great but it continued with the problems of the previous games when it comes to MP.

It boils down mainly to:

1). The Gnasher - still inconsistent.

2). Lag / Spongey Players - a simple ping filter or quality matchmaking needs to be introduced to match players with others of similar ping.

If these two points are addressed for Gears 5 - then it’s pretty much there to becoming a very good game without giving us a valid reason to not want to actually play what we know to be a game with massive potential.

So - is there actually time for TWO Betas?

A beta could be done around September - November this year for roughly 2-4 Weeks with maybe 2-3 maps.

Then, around April, May or June next year, TC could do a second “final test” Beta to implement any updates / changes / experimental things to finalise and polish Gears 5 MP.

They then have a few more months to get everything ready and what should them be a solid MP release on day 1.

Now I know the chances of this happening are slim to none however I do believe there is a strong chance of seeing at least a beta.

I just want TC succeed because like everyone else on this forum, Gears 5 could be the one to be released polished and perfected - allowing TC to learn from Gears 4 and of course Rod himself has had experience with all the previous games.

What do you guys think?

A Gears 5 BETA on Mausoleum would be EPiC !


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Saw my suggestion in another beta thread deh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also yes, because TC needs to get this right for a smooth launch and to collect community feedback early on.

To do this, they need to hold a pre-alpha testing (which was the actual test during a gears 4, 5hey slapped on “beta” because it’s usually referred to as beta in the industry)

Then couplease months before launch, hold a beta which incorperates the feedback from the pre alpha and adrest any significant issues found.

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I’ve been thinking about this for a few months :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’d rather test the game as much a possible - even it’s very limited in Maps / Characters / Weapons.

But just to test the net code, the Gnasher itself and core gameplay.

This would no doubt provide TC with vital information and a rock solid foundation for improvements in 5.


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Seeing as gow ue and gow 4 had betas, i see it going in the right direction. They may have an alpha and a beta which would be nice

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Yeah, Gears 3, UE and 4 had one so hopefully G5 can have a ALPHA and BETA !!

I agree 2 are definitely needed, they need to work on one close to perfect universal tuning & figure out what they want to do with the movement, because in GoW4 it’s like a mix of fast & slow in comp. & at times it’s unbearable trying to wall bounce/strafe/roadie run with cinder blocks on your feet.

Yeah, thanks for your post, hopefully it can happen :+1:

I am all for 2 legit betas or 1 long one to get as much possible data and feedback implemented, I feel like some things were addressed in the 4 beta like the gnasher range but overall when it came to movement I didnt see much change

Yeah, even if something is fixed, that’s a good thing.

I think two betas is good because they get to test twice and so hopefully deliver much better product at launch :+1: