Gears of war 4 wonders

Is it me or do people tend to camp power weapons a lot in ranked mode? I can’t be the only one who noticed this. Normally, I don’t mind people and clans camping in one area, but I feel people kinda do it a lot. Sometimes I’m good and clutch as hell, sometimes I’m not, I always wondered if people just like to camp and get cheap wins and cover advantages? Then again, I was recently placed in Silver 2 so i’m pretty bad lel -3-

And how do you win against people who want to hide behind cover, it’s really tricky; Sometime’s I pull it off but it’s more of an ah man he’s gonna get the first shot on me so he most likely he will win the Gnasher battle unless I wallbounce like a God

Any tips?

Get a few friends who can push. You can add me if you want. Im always up to the challenge. Lol…

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Higher ranked players /teams tend to have more awareness of weapon usage and weapon spawn times. It can make or break matches. I dunno about camping per se. It happens occasionally but I haven’t noticed it being a major thing. I play Escalation the most so weapon locations change depending on player choice, and capturing and holding rings tends to occupy our time.

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This. If you are able to prevent the opposing team from obtaining power weapons, you are wiping away a large part of their ability to win matches.

Its up there with effective team placement for marking and crossing IMO.


power weapon and grenades is part of the versus environment. Using them helps both teams. so yes you want to control. I am not sure about camping. if you camp that one less man to help the team cross, support or hold the hill on KOTH. but you can watch for the spawn on tac com.

Fuel depot & Gridlock are 2 of the best for rookies like us. I will not say noob because i am beyond that i say rookie cause we are in the low class rankings.

I am always aware of the nads on fuel deport and hey if your a silver bronze trying to survive power weapons help trust me.

Ugh, man…not you, Pepper…not you. :pensive:

Escalation 1.0 is awesome.

It’s got the right level of strategy and team-focus. And I much prefer Competitive weapon settings.

KOTH is too hectic. People spawning out of your ar$e. It’s too much for me. :persevere:

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Camping power weapons isn’t the problem, as they only spawn every so often.

The problem is, when you’re on a team and none of your team mates attempt to pick them up or shut the enemy down from doing so.

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Touché, it does get a bit messy sometimes. Plus eventually your character starts walking funny with all the people spawning…

…poor Benjamin…