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Gears of War 4 update

Just reminding TC’s recent announcement (Aug 2019) that an update of Gears 4 is coming this month… Any news on that?

It IS going to happen (on time), right TC?

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My guess is the update will break gears 4 hoping that players will return to playing 5. Wouldn’t put it past TC.


They’re ending ranked and easing matchmaking restrictions. It was announced before G5 even launched. As for being on time, TC is seldom punctual.

I just finished playing Gears 4 and it’s STILL BROKEN!!! Doesnt TC care about their reputation? Seriously! They are going down as one of the worst or worst gaming developer.

Why can’t you guys get it together? Every Gears you’ve touched is broken!!! Come on fix them. You got our money already give us a working product. SMH

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I tried to get a game of koth last night, 20 minutes of waiting and nowt. So tried Horde and again nowt :disappointed:

Well, I was playing for a few hours and it didn’t take more than 30 seconds to find games.

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Excellent…at least for you. No matter,
I played Gears 3 instead, which as we all know is the greatest Gears, and still has an online community.


A friend told me there is going to be an update tomorrow the 14th but can’t seem to find anything confirming that.

Have you any information for the two skin achievement please ?

Last word I heard was some time in January they would be craftable.

I Hope they don’t forget the achievement fix for Players who played on the pc that can’t unlock Story related achievements anymore

Reddit update says “later in the year and will give a few months notice.”