Gears of War 4 Special Versus Skins

I know this may not be the majority of the community however, there are plenty of people who are in the same boat. The midnight omen and flaming weapon skins are still unobtainable to this day causing 2 achievements in gears 4 to be impossible to unlock.
The last update we’ve had in this was back in February. Here it is:

“We’ve postponed the Gears 4 sunsetting stuff until Summer so the team can keep focusing on improving 5 above all else. We’re locking down plans now to communicate well ahead of time what we plan to do, but it won’t be for quite a while.” -TC Octus from reddit

Clearly you guys have your hands full with gears 5 and a laundry list of of other important obligations. I just ask, since summer has passed, to possibly give an update to us achievement hunters. Others including me have been patiently waiting for a year now(maybe longer for others) for these skins to finally be obtainable. Thank you for reading this long winded discussion if you’ve made it this far.

Edit: Since this discussion has since been closed I am unable to reply properly. It’s clear you guys know the situation, we understand that. You say there are updates on this matter. Could you provide links please? It seems that a lot people are still in the dark and I’d love to share the information with them. When I look around for the updates you speak of, all I find is the January 2020 update . Is there any sort of timeframe we can have? We’ve been given multiple now.


Updates have been given on this forum and on the dev stream - it’s known, and it’s being looked at for making the achievements achievable.