Gears of War 4 shop concerns

I dont know if this will be seen, but alot of us still play Gears of War 4. Is it possible to release all the versus packs and Black Steel Characters in the shop? Wouldnt hurt and it will make you some extra bucks.


You know I don’t understand why they weren’t permanently released either. Maybe some kind of licensing agreement with eSports issue?

I could see a small stream of money from people either new to the game or finishing a collection. They were all rereleased near the game’s official end for a limited time.


All the gear pack skins and characters were made available with scrap so I’m not sure what you mean.

As for esports they’re cool skins and TC should make them available for purchase and just make the proceeds go to gow5 esports

All except for the Golden Gear. :wink:

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Which golden gear? Because I think the Clayton reskin to gold is craftable but the gow3 golden gear isn’t because it was a event drop.

The Clayton reskin isn’t craftable. I don’t think it ever has been.