Gears Of War 4 Ranked Modes Obsolete?

Hello TC,

Why are you taking away Gears of war 4 ranked game modes in 2020? This is the first time that this is implemented in any of the gears games. If people want to go back to play ranked matches in any of the gears games from 1-5 they should be allowed to play depending on the population.
I don’t think this is fair to the people that have supported the Gears franchise throughout the years!

Why is TC forcing everyone to purchase and play Gears 5?! I understand it’s a business but please do not take away Ranked modes to force people to purchase and play Gears 5. People will support TC at their own will if they feel like playing Gears 5 .

I have a copy of Gears 5 through game pass and to be honest, the game is a bust IMO. I feel bad for people that actually pre-ordered the copy for 99.99$.

Perhaps TC is already aware that Gears 5 is a bust, that is why they are shutting down Gears 4 Ranked!

First off Gears 5 is great. And will be even better once the bugs are fixed and a few changes are made.

Second TC stated its changing things in Gears 4 so the people that still play are able to find matches quicker

Good for TC for making finding matches quicker. I’ll be playing GEARS 4 until there is no population left. Gears 5 is still a bust even with the kinks ironed out!

Well thats good for you. BYE BYE

You are few people that actually like GEARS 5 . Look around on the forums with the complaints, I am not the only one.

See heres the thing. When someone likes something they dont go around spilling their guts out about it. They tell some friends/family. When someone doesnt like something then they go and TELL EVERYONE they can how they dont like something. Also this doesnt represent the whole gears community

This a community for GEARS and that’s what the opinions are for, so whether you like the game or not that is your opinion . You should rant about how good it is, perhaps it will make others give it another chance.

A lot of people here don’t like certain aspects of Gears 5 myself included that doesn’t mean were not going to play the game and enjoy the parts that we do like. The reason why we voice our concerns in the forums is so that TC can maybe change things so we can enjoy the game more. Gears fans have always not liked an aspect of a game from GOW 1-4, UE, and Judgment. That doesn’t mean we did not play the hell out of all of them and eventually some of those games got updates and changes that made them better.

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I agree that In the beginning of any game the bugs need to be ironed out. Gears 1-4 was the same but the overall feel and playing experience of GEARS 5 is not the same to me and it is more frustrating then fun. Maybe I will play it a bit more in a few months, by then perhaps TC will make the changes that everyone is griping about.