Gears of War 4 PvP kinda rough compared to 5 lol

Tried playing GoW4 during the Gears 5 packet loss (its fixed now btw thanks tc) and it was kinda bad ngl. There is no holding shots on GoW4, you aren’t sliding into cover the same way, Core shotgun is legit a 2 shot down, wrap timing feels different aswell.

Not saying these are bad things or anything but if you have bad memory go check it out and let me know lol. I’m okay at g5 but gow4 I am mud water.

Hm, hold on. I can’t see what you typed. Let me put on my glasses…

Ah, here we are. Wait, what?! Gears of War 4 plays beautifully and I have absolutely no doubt I’d much enjoy the PvP experience more when I’m finally free of these accursed Gears 5 Versus achievements.


I’m telling you man, It will definitely be okay once you get used to it but its just crazy to me how different those two games feel at a specific level of playing. Makes me feel like when Gears 6 drops I’ll be really bad at that one too if its different from 5 lol.

Shame on me for adjusting to Gears 5 :frowning:


This is good — holding shots is the worst GoW meta ever.


I got on the other day and joined a Comp Warmup. Was a fun couple games.

Jumped on 4 the other day as well and wallbouncing alone was a night and day struggle…. got so lazy and used to not having to use the camera as much in 5 that when I played 4 I could barely bounce properly until 3 games in

Sup Dabs, this is Clown

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What’s up…kinda disappointed in the name change it was well suited lol but how u been

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Lol yeah its a dumb name, but its supposed to be.

Anyways yeah I’m doing well, college is going pretty smoothly. How’s your daughter?

Where did U get in and hope u ain’t partying too hard lol
She’s Doing good turning 2 tomorrow already actually

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That’s crazy! Time flies by bro

@SH00BiE_D00 thoughts on @Cedar_On_Mid derailing your thread?

Also yes, I played a couple games on 4 many months ago and felt like I had to learn that multiplayer all over again. Definitely miss my Black Steel Del.


he doesn’t care so neither do I really.


You will never be free of the Clownage.