Gears of war 4 PING SPIKES!

Hello guys,

So when I play gears thru WiFi 5g my ping is around 20-30 then all of the sudden it jumps to like 300-700 for like 5 seconds then it goes back to 20-30. It is very annoying as it happens a few times. My speed is 50/50mbps. Do you guys have any working solution?

There’s only one solution; stop using WiFi!

It’s your network that’s causing the issue. Wireless connection will always have interference and some packet loss which means it’s not suitable for gaming. Also, with these spikes, you’re making the game run awful for every stable ping in the lobby so please fix it.

I swear I’d be the best console maker that never made a dime. I’d mandate every console must be hard wired for online gaming. WiFi is for streaming video.