Gears Of War 4 PC match making escalation no game found , SOMEONE HELP PLEASE

I want to play escalation 5 match to complete the Road To Gear 5 Esport kait skin. But i try 1 week more everyday match making 1~2hour ++ no game to play, how could we complete it???

I play horde under 5min have game to play, versus social quickplay under 5min have game. Only escalation no game to play!!! How to we can complete 5 match game on escalation???

p/s : playing on pc, dont have xbox. Region : Malaysia (Asia)

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LFG is your best solution :slight_smile:

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I would recommend using LFG, the forums or Discord to find a US Region Based player because that’s the fastest way to find Escalation on PC.


Few day search LFG searching group near 4 hour only 1 party, but too less player and then the group have close, On discord few people on chatting only, dont have any escalation game to go. Did matching making system are broke??? play game over 20 years++, i never see a multiplayer game matching making system cant search a game to play over 1~2 week still dont have game to play a match. how could be to complete 5 match game on escalation…

Console players block playing PC players in ranked matches for this PC, players find it difficult to find ranked matches

Plus the OP is in the Asia region, which is near impossible to find matches in for PC.

(I am on PC and in the same region, I haven’t been able to find an escalation game searching solo for a couple of years)

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I have try use PC xbox social LFG found 4 player joined me to play excalation, but when need to change party leader match making game. that is no option to do change party leader. so i leave the party, but xbox player invite me, i cant joinable!!! and sometime the xbox social group chat dont sync have chatted test. Group chat sometime dont sync/or direct crash need to restart the xbox social app, so to be i want to invite someone in the game party/team then is no option to do it.I can open post to find total 5 player invite in my party/team but when matchmaking over 6min+ that is no game to play escalation. I have done 1 match only now coz have 1 xbox player be party/team leader match making game under 3min have game. but i use pc match making game over 5min more still no game!!Anyone have any idea can help me to play escalation 4 match??

Sorry my pool english hope someone understand me
Windows 10 version 1903

Even if you could find a match for Escalation it’s pointless unless your on a team with microphones so people can call out what circles to run to. It’s better to play competitive warmup on KOTH so everyone knows where to go at all times.

Has anybody on PC actually managed to find a solo Escalation game at any time of day/night? I wanna know before I waste my time looking lol. I have Xbox friends I can queue with, but I generally prefer to be solo if it can be helped.

I was lowkey hoping they’d put up an Escalation Special Event before/during the actual eleague event to 1) hype up Escalation more, like they like to do and 2) help out the PC players who can’t find games otherwise.

Yea, I’m in the same boat. I’m US East though. You don’t really see much Esc groups in LFG, atleast not since I started using it a few days ago. It’s mainly KOTH, TDM or private matches. I’m also afraid of the game freezing on me mid-game.

I joined 2 LFG groups recently for KOTH, and at some point in both sessions the game froze on me. Anyone else that’s had a crash or disconnect in ranked, has the game got stuck on loading into the map when you tried rejoining?

The first time I froze out of ranked, I tried to rejoin, but it would stay on the map loading screen forever, gear just spinning. I restarted the game like 5 times, it did it over and over, then finally rejoined.

The 2nd time it happened, it was doing the same thing over and over, and the game ended before I got back into the match.

I probably won’t even attempt ranked again for now, I don’t need teammates pissed at me if I actually do get in an Escalation ranked match and end up freezing. It’ll probably just get me reported.

I have done 5 match escalation. Thank for US xbox player accept me join escalation party on LFG.
I will share how to use LFG on windows 10. Need update windows 10 to version 1903

How to use LFG on windows 10 version 1903

1-start you game to main menu
2-alt-tab out to windows
3-start > Xbox Console Companion
4-on friends & clubs right side, select parties
5-select Looking For Group
6- select Gears of war 4 game
7-find escalation group post
8-refresh for the new post, if you dont find any escalation group
9-find escalation group and click it select I’m interested to join
10-wait the post host accept you join
11-wait the host invite you in game, it will show out a invited msg come out from you windows right side
12 -windows key +G open Xbox social (beta)
13-click the ringbell icon(notifications)
14-accept invite in the party from the host post
15-alt+tab go back Gears Of War 4 game accept invite in party
16-wait the party leader start escalation game


1-start you game to main menu
2-windows key +G open Xbox Social(beta)
!-close any useless windows on xbox social (beta) [audio control, performance,broadcat & capture], move the Looking For Group (beta) to center and readjust the side to easy control and check post
3-on top side select Looking For Group (beta)
4-selec find player > Gears Of War 4
5-find escalation group post
6-refresh for the new post, if you dont find any escalation group
7-find escalation group and click it select I’m interested to join
8-wait the post host accept you join
9-wait the host invite you in game, it will show out a invited msg come out from you windows right side
10-click the ringbell icon(notifications)
11-accept invite in the party from the host post
12-wait the party leader start escalation game

Party leader must be xbox player
If PC player be party leader match making game sure cant find any game over 1¬4 hour ++ or maybe never found a game [ xbox player be leader match making game under 3min have a game!!! WTF!!!]

Xbox social(beta) bug

group chat text sometime dont sync!! windows key + G close xbox social (beta) and open again the text will go back few min ago text word & record time, and text is gone too

audio setting voice chat input output dont saved setting, after restart pc it will go back default

too long time on LFG no refresh new post and go to refresh sometime it will crash without any error code/ direct close, if you on gears of war 4 main menu , it will go back “press start to play” & cant start the game , need to restart pc

Hope PC player who cant found any escalation game can try this to found 5 match game
Hope everyone can done “road to Gears 5” challanges
Hope xbox player accept PC player to join and do it
Match making is FAILED on pc, everyone can google it can check how many region cant found any versus ranking match on pc

You don’t need to alt+tab, you just hit win+g while in-game and the xbox game bar pops up with the L4G. I play with controller on PC, so I just hit the Xbox Home button for it to pop up.

I might actually try to dig for an Escalation group, but I’m still worried about the game freezing on me mid-ranked match. If rejoining a game worked properly, I wouldn’t mind as much, but it seems it always stays loading the map forever in some glitch, forcing me to restart the game over and over, in which case the game will have ended in many cases by the time it’d actually rejoin.

LOL, I just checked my Xbox Live Reputation, it has 59 Cheater reports. Last night it was only at 2. When I reinstalled the game a few days ago it was at 0, since it’d been over 6 months since I’d last played. The report system is such a joke, I believe it was 1 person that mass reported, someone that chatted to me “nice mods”. Thank god they don’t use this to decide to remove you from normal matchmaking anymore, they need to fix the reputation report system though.

Reviving this thread to let PC/non-US players know that the Special Event this week is Escalation and it does indeed count towards the Kait challenge.

If you haven’t been able to complete it yet due to matchmaking, now’s gonna be your best chance.

PC players need to manually update

I figured this out yesterday when I could NOT find a match after 2 hours of looking.

Open up the Windows Store, navigate to Downloads and Updates, then update Gears of War 4. for some reason it’s not auto updating and there isn’t any indication your on an old build when you launch the game.

other updates were automatically applied but no this one for some reason.

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