Gears of war 4 Pc hard crash 07/08/2018

I am creating and screen-shotting this topic as every problem that seems to arise on this forum about this topic gets removed by MS or the Coalition at some point.

I am just going to say it your game on PC is broken!

If you have an Nvidia graphics card that’s a 10 series you will experience hard freezing, crashing, lock ups and so forth. I have multiple PCs running GTX 1050-1080 series cards all experiencing this issue. The last known stable Nvidia driver free of this issue is 8+ months old at this point. MS current workaround is to use that driver however virtually all AAA games on PC at this point will require newer drivers… So if you don’t want to literally uninstall and reinstall a driver every time your play Gears you’re out of luck.

I cannot believe a AAA Microsoft exclusive title has such a glaring issue that seemingly has gone totally unchecked and or not worked on. I paid $100 for your game that runs on hardware far exceeding its needs the least I expect from the devs is to put out a working product, this is flat out disgusting.

Playing any game type offline or online is roll of the dice if I will crash on multiple systems.

Be decent to your PC community and fix the game I paid for.

A PC gamer…


I fully agree, but as far as I remember, the driver is over a year old now, not 8 months.

That makes it even worse IMHO.

But let’s blame Nvidia too. They put out the “fixed” driver and have now closed the issue. I won’t be buying an Nvidia card again, that’s for sure.

I’ll also be waiting to hear if this issue affects gears 5 before purchasing too, as I’m sure many other PC gamers will.

It’s such a shame too, as aside from the crashing, it’s an amazing “port” (it’s not really a port, as UWP games/apps can target both Xbox and desktop).

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You’re not alone. Everyone else is having same problem with hard crash on PC Version. Very frustrating and disappointing at the same time!

I’ve also noticed that if your using Bluetooth connection for your controller that can can freeze it. For instance if your Bluetooth controller losing pairing for a second, the game can freeze and crash while the controller is resyncing

You can run DDU (or clean install) Nvidia’s 382.53 driver to resolve the issue on Pascal cards at least. Also ensure that Async is disabled by resetting ‘Advanced’ video options to their defaults (default key is F2). You can verify Async is disabled in the Benchmark; the option was hidden but still may be enabled for some users.

Very happy I went with an AMD card on my new build :smiley:

All jokes aside, this issue has been going on for too long. Begs the question, what really is the issue with Nvidia and Gears. This is a Triple A title. Really shouldn’t have these issues. Especially for this long.



this fixed my issue crashing all the time since november 2017, im sure will work for you as well, please let me know.

  • do not use DDU to remove nvidia drivers you are just wasting your time
  • install nvidia geforce experience and install the last driver.
  • open nvidia experience and go to the game and do not choose optical because if you can see
    async will be on and that was the reason of the crash just press reverse (if appicable)
    make sure async says “off” or “disable”.
  • start the game from the nvidia experience (always) and make sure VSYNC is “ON”
    _ i know your pc might handle ULTRA settings but just go to CUSTOM and choose high or medium

Good luck that works for me and im really happy even when i have to play in high - medium settings using an i7 5960x overclocked but you wanna have fun with your pals dont you? so, graphics dont matter… “GLHF”

Cptn DiZZyE

I have encountered this using a wireless Xbox one controller as well. I got around this by using a xbox 360 wireless controller with a certified MS adapter ( you can find them on Ebay for about 20 bucks) that seems to work better than the newest controller!

Nope. Still doesn’t work unfortunately…

As of the writing of this post I have fixed the crashing!

All it took was getting a 2080… for whatever reason Gears of War 4 seems to not crash constantly on that card running the latest drivers. Will report if the game continues to lock up.

Still doesn’t excuse the ab-horrid state of this game and its shimmy business practices and crap stability on 10 series cards…

Thanks for the update!
Me isn’t crashing all that often with the latest drivers, and I was a bit underwhelmed by the 20 series so I’m going to keep what I have for now until I see what Gears 5 needs to run at 4k.