Gears of War 4 (PC) Freezing Solution

Thank you, it’s actually working for this game session. We’ll see the next one, this game is so inconsistent with it’s freezing.

EDIT: didn’t work

Trying “fixes” like turning off things or rolling back to an older driver is ridiculous. It’s a TC/Nvidia/Microsoft fault not to prioritize fix this issue, they really don’t care, is the only game that happens, other games works without this kind of problems, newest and older titles, even Batman Arkham Knight doesn’t crash and was considered the worst PC port of last years. I gave up many months ago to play this game on my PC, I only hope Gears 5 doesn’t have this kind of crashes,

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Sad to say, Gears 5 Tech Test had the exact same crashes. For me it was worse, considering GOW4 became a soft-freeze after sometime in 2018, so I could Alt+Tab out and close the game, but Gears 5 is a hard-freeze BSOD.

The only thing I can do is reboot the PC manually before it goes to the BSOD, it still takes forever to reboot when that happens though. They were supposedly always working on a fix for GOW4, but admittedly had a small team on it because the PC community wasn’t large enough for it to be a major priority.

It seems to have come back to bite them in the butt now, with the potential sales of Steam, and how many will definitely be on 10 series cards, it’s gotta be a scary time for them in this regard. I still find it funny and ironic that GOW4 was being pushed so hard with the 10 series cards, with the promotions where you got GOW4 free with the purchase of a 1070 or 1080.


For me it started working flawless with a 1080, I’m on the latest studio drivers and freezed like crazy, then I tried like someone suggested to limit the frame rate. I had it limited on 144 and I was crashing a lot. Tried setting it to 90, now I never drop under 90 and it’s working like a charm. I had some play sessions of 4 hours, not a single freeze, before I was lucky if I could finish a match without getting a freeze. Try limiting your frame rate, it should work as long as you don’t have frame spikes!

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I limited it to 60 for a while, it seemed to work, but then eventually started freezing again, in the Tech Test and in GOW4. It seems it reduces the crashes, but doesn’t eliminate them, for me at least. I wouldn’t find that to be an acceptable answer for Gears 5 anyhow, I’m not buying a new game in late 2019 where I have to limit my FPS to 60 to hope it doesn’t crash as much.

I’m currently on the 2+ year old 382.53 driver to play GOW4 now, something I didn’t want to do, and once I go back to a newer driver, I’m not gonna be willing to do this again. I can’t even use Shadowplay currently, which I love, because it doesn’t work with such an old driver.

I feel TC is going about the issue wrong with saying “The issue has been greatly reduced with newer drivers.” I feel it’s pure Damage Control, because most people on the forums have said the opposite, the newest drivers crash more often, so I have no idea where they’re getting this magical super positive feedback from.

It’s a silly move if it is Damage Control though, considering it’s not a small bug, it’s a major game crashing BSOD. So, if they’re just trying to have sales not be effected, it’s pointless when this is the type of issue that will have people demanding refunds at a nearly 100% rate. It’ll also cause irreversible damage on their Steam reviews.

It’ll only make them look worse, though I understand the fear of being honest and saying that it’s the same issue as GOW4, where they have no answer, seeing it’s before launch it’s popping up this time, and they know it’ll be a disaster storm. One thing for sure, they’ve definitely gotta have more people looking into a fix for it this time.

Hopefully, if they do get it fixed around launch, the fix can be backwards compatible with GOW4, and possibly fix performance issues on UE.


For me it’s impossible to rollback my drivers because my windows version does not allow me to and because I also play other games. Changing my gpu is not an option. So I’m using this work around to continue playing one of my favorite saga’s game.

I’m sharing the same mindset of you.
Like you said: it’s unacceptable to have this issue still persisting in a 2019 game.

I unfortunately missed my opportunity to try the tech test for reasons and what I’m hearing from the feedbacks it’s not reassuring. I don’t know if another istance of the tech test will be available but I’m not buying the game without trying it first with gamepass.

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Yea, there’s not gonna be another test phase. I wanted to be able to get the Terminator skins, which I believe you get if you play the game within the first week. That’s probably not gonna be possible now, since I’m not purchasing it unless I know the issue is fixed, which may take more than a week to figure out from reports on these forums and the Steam community forums.

With any other new game, you’re mainly looking at new features, mechanics and options that your basing your decision to make a purchase on. It’s sad that with the Gears franchise, now our main concern is whether the game will even be fully playable for us.

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i’m not quite sure if this a real reason for concern…

Bleh, it still has it’s store page, and it still has the SteamDB page that has been updated every couple hours, adding more achievements and such.

this random freeze/crash is really annoying i got BAN 5 times now i have to wait 45 minutes cause of this crash,

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Strange fix, just played for 1 hour and a half without crashing, it did make the game run a little choppier, however it was not unplayable, thank you.

only thing thats worked for me on my build is the driver 382.53

im running a Ryzen 7 2700x Aorus Xtreme 1080TI with 16gb ram kit oc 3266mhz
i game on a xb241h Acer 180hz g-sync monitor at 1080p rez.

ive tried way to many different remedies. nothing has worked but this specific . i play a bunch of games on this driver as well and they all work.
Fallout 76, fortnite, gta 5, overwatch, csgo, warframe, gears 4, paladins, ark, boarderlands, left for dead 2, path of exile, absolver, for honor and the list goes on.

Fortnite runs better on this driver but streaming on this driver isnt a good idea if you have a single pc stream setup.


If Gears 5 comes with issues like Gears 4, I’ll raise my voice on many forums, social media, making videos or posting the proofs here. I have a Xbox too but I want to play it on PC and isn’t fair the treat on PC.


Yeah man do it I’ve been at it for years now… Hasn’t helped unfortunately乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ

One or two is useless obvious but is worse do nothing…

382.53 sooner or later are the same ■■■■.
I had the same problems with them,and you can play only Gears…
I am playing with latest drivers with no crash at all in a month.
Now 8 crashes in a day.
Sad to say to me but I am not going to play Gow4 anymore.
I will wait for Gears 5.

2080 ti crashes too?

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This was a different issue which has since been solved. Was a MS update issue causing a problem with his bios settings.


A new driver is out 436.15

Correct. The issue has been resolved.