Gears of War 4 (PC) Freezing Solution

I haven’t experienced such but thanks for letting me know. I notice many persons having issues who have Nvidia Card

Ill try this and let y’all know if it works i have a gtx 1080 and a i7 8700

Guys set the game into High Preset and in the Advanced Options se Current Particle Index into 5!

My game havent crash since 1 week ago

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I am playing with latest Nvidia drivers with gtx 1080.
High settings,particle 5 and xbox game bar uninstalled.
Thank you guys !!!<3

i turned the particles down like that one other post said and i played horde mania and a few versus rounds and havent froze yet


I also set the Particle to 5 and the game freezes at the middle of the 50 horde inconceivable. It makes me furious with The Coalition, Microsoft and Nvidia, specially TC thinking about Gears 5 but not fixing the previous game.
I had to finish the entire game on my xbox one, I can’t enjoy it on my PC with better quality.

I set particles to 5 and the preset to high and i turned off the dynamic options and also disabled nvidia shadowplay and the gamebar and i was able to play 50 waves twice today without it freezing on the newest driver on my 1080 but i did get into a ranked match and it literally froze the second the match started and when i got back on the game i noticed my options were all reset for some strange reason

I got Xbox game bar uninstalled.4k ultra settings more than 50 matches no crash at all with latest Nvidia drivers.
Good luck!!

TC won’t fix this and maybe Gears 5 will have the same issues. It’s sad. The only franchise I love over the rest of games and it sucks on PC.


Hi all, HOPING this helps others!!! I have uninstalled and installed this game several times…along with EVERY recommended solution out there. FOR ME, the game would freeze after 3 games, one game, and sometimes on start-up…BUT, always a freeze (had to hit the windows button to pull up the menu and force close). I am running an MSI GTX 1070 Aero ITX , Ryzen 5 2600, and 16GB RAM with a 2TB SSD! NO problems with any game EVER! Until my favorite GOW 4 game came along! NOW, the crazy thing for me is that BEFORE I was on this BRAND NEW BUILD, I had a GTX 1050 laptop that NEVER had an issue, so it was blowing my mind that this new almighty build would be the problem…and as much as it pains me to say this…I think it is! HERE IS WHY: I, just now, today FOR THE F of it, decided to to turn DOWN some of the settings I had set-up in MSI after burner (UNDERclock my card), and while I do NOT have extensive testing yet, I think it did the trick! Hope that helps!

Didn’t work

transparently that did the trick as well as rolling back my drivers to the oldest ones that were compatible with my 1070 Ti. 9 games now no crashes.

Keep us updated.

I’ve had friends go more than 9 games without crashing and than it began to do so every match. It’s ridiculous.

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Will do, I just finished a 50 round wave of horde. I quit the game when i was done but will play again tonight and post again when finished. There is definitely something broken in Windows itself, not the game because changing this should have no effect on the game or what appears to be the graphic driver crashing. At worst I see the game stutter a bit under load, but nothing close to what was happening before. The lock ups were constant, and not always when playing a game, if i were in the store or the inventory it would crap out then also. It’s crazy to think that The Coalition is a subsidiary of Microsoft, and GEARS is basically there premier franchise and the marque game for their Universal cross game format, and yet the Windows 10 team, hasn’t been able to collaborate on a solution to this. No different then there is clearly some work to be done in terms of task scheduling and resource management that is not allowing AMD chips to properly allocate threads.

Did this too and it all but stopped the issue all on its own, and this was a tall sign that it was Windows itself and not my Nvidia 1070 TI Graphics Card. Once I did this it took a white to get a crash, but it did after a long game. The trick was de-prioritizing the …exe. that did the trick.

Turn off Async

You may turn off Async after reverting your drivers. Launch Gears of War 4 > Options > Advanced Video > Turn off Async Computer.

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I can confirm that turning off ASYNC has no effect on solving the issue. I swear my friend has tried everything one can think of and just when he thinks he found a fix it crashes again.

It really is broken.

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I think these crashes are all related and some of us are seeing them more frequently then others, mostly because we all have different combinations of hardware. Nvidia is a minor problem. AMD and Nvidia together is another problem, and all of it is windows 10 related. People who have AMD graphics cards have had less issues, but I think mostly with Intel processors. I think people with AMD cpu’s windows 10 and an Nvidia 10 series graphics card are the catching the most hell. I am on a Ryzen 5, with Nvidia 1070TI 8gb and 16gb ram and GOW4 was dying a miserable death every few rounds of play. when I changed its priority, and turned off A-sync. Crashes stooped as of this writing.

This absolutely is still an issue with Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU configuration btw.

I really don’t think the CPU is related to the issue at all.

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I feel like 1070s are the most affected of the 10 series cards, going by all the reports. I have an i7-6700k, I don’t think the CPU is as big a factor as 10 series GPUs.

Driver 382.53 still working for nearly 100% of us on the latest Windows 10 version, with all sorts of permutations of PC parts, does make me wonder why it’s taking Nvidia so long, when they have an answer in that driver.

Agreed! you are correct. the issues affect Intel as well. I was simply pointing out that Microsoft has work to do with how it manages threads on ALL newer high-performance processors. I think the Windows team simply isn’t keeping up with the speed race. This it seems is exasperating whatever driver issues are on with mostly Nvidia graphics cards, especially 1070 series cards. I have two of them and they have both had the same issues with GOW4, which is primarily what I play. I must say (knock on wood) that rolling back the drivers (which is causing problems in other games) and changing the .exe priority has made all my crashing issues go away.

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It may have something to do with the CPU because my friend replaced his 1080ti with a 2080ti and he’s still crashing. I think there is an issue with the combination of certain CPU and GPU units.

Edit: My friend has the same GPU and CPU as I do so I guess not. What is TC’s issue here?