Gears of War 4 (PC) Freezing Solution

I must assume that if it is for saturation of some thread, it is because of the multiple DRM systems that the game has, and my question is; if the game is already pirated, why have not they removed those DRM that only crashean the game ?, only affect the people who buy with our money the game for PC.

tried setting the priority it really didn’t do anything but i tried what [BreaklessBiker] said with his nvidia control panel and so far i haven’t suffered a freeze thankfully

try both my settings along with Aqules’s setting. Have had no crash or stutter for more than 4 hours streaming since yesterday

Thank you,it does not work to me.
I´m going to use 382.53 drivers or delete the game…
I don´t know…

This did not work for me, sadly. Back to downgraded drivers for me =(

Such a bummer.

It’s like you have to choose Gears 4 or every other game out there. You can’t have both of those though.


After months of suffering crashes, I have switched to AMD RX580 8gb. Better overall stability albeit a little bit power hungry. I am addicted to gears so had no choice


i went to driver 382.33 and have no crashes but i only play gears on pc

Didn’t I just see you on SAS SHADOWZ’s newest YT video? You were running aimbot and his squad still made you quit out when you lost the last round lmao.

Just thought it was hilarious.

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The Boltok was already suspect but that Lancer was clearly sketchy

in my case it is already set but it still hangs.
i have gtx 1070 ti,i7 4790k,16 gb ram ddr3 2400,ssd samsung evo 850 500gb,motherboard msi z97 mpower.

Guys I’ve aso been experiencing hard crashes and system freezes with this game. Had 2 freezes in the main menu and 3 hard crashes where I couldn’t even ALT+F4 or anything out the game in the opening level alone on my GTX 1070. I found something that worked for me and somehow increased my fps by 25.

Turn off Async

Launch Gears of War 4 ; Options ; Advanced Video; Turn off Async Computer.

4] Disable Game Bar &; Background recording

To [disable Game bar] open Windows 10 Settings; Gaming ; Game bar ; Turn off Record game clips, Screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar.

Next, navigate to Game DVR in the sidebar of the Gaming menu: Turn off Record in the background while I’m playing a game.

I hope this helps has been frustrating for me until I tried this.

The real issue is that you’re on the wrong sriver. 382.53 fixes EVERY issue related to the pascal gpu-Gears 4 problem. You don’t even need to turn off async compute.

The reason why you had bad fps was due to background recording being ON.

That’s not practical, and background recording doesn’t have to hurt my fps. It’s on in every games and not even more than 3 frames are lost dude. Also we have other games to play, forcing users to downgrade to a really old driver just for this one game is just plain dumb. They should fix this. Who wants to keep installing and uninstalling drivers evertime they wanna play Gears and then another game later?

i don’t think this works for everyone

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read this

pascal- 10-series cards 1030,1050,1060,1070,1080

I just got the the older driver installed, let’s see how this goes.

Well 382.53 works with GTX 1060 6Gb at last for one horde 1-50, and 5 2v2 matches. But still can’t open progression achievements - its PC user trouble according Reddit and trueachievements

The legacy driver fixed the crashes for me

what driver is that?