Gears Of War 4 Online - Matchmaking Issues

Hey there. So i just bought Gears 4 to play on my Xbox One. I just paid 6 months of Gold to play this game and a couple of other ones online, but…i can’t find any match to join.

I’m playing Titanfall 2 everyday, and during weekdays i can easily join Attrition Mode in less than 1 minute of waiting. During the weekend i can play every game mode with no problems whatsoever.

I played GoW3 Online this Saturday for the first time after a long time without playing it online, and to my surprise, i managed to play 6-7 TDM games in a row with no bots and i just didn’t play more because i wanted to stop.

Now, both Gears Ultimate and this one is a no go. I played so far only 4 matches of TDM and once i was lucky enough to join a Horde Mode game, but that’s it. I had to wait 7-10 minutes to play each of these matches and as i’m typing this, i’m more than 10 minutes waiting for a TDM game…is that normal? Are the serves that empty or it’s just because i’m in South America and i’m still on level 12? Do i need to grind so i can level up and have more chances to play with more people? Or should i just give up and go back to Gears 3?

My suggestion is to make a looking for group post or find other people looking for groups, if you are on facebook aswell there are quite a few clubs on there with players there are willing to play.

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Thanks, Fribss. I’ll give it a try. Let’s hope i can find some people to play.

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The popular modes are TDM & KOTH and sometimes Escalation.

It’s always best to play with others to help you get into matches and trying during peak times.

Once you find a team to play with regularly, you will be able to get matches :+1:

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I’m always happy to play with new people message me on Xbox and we will play at some point this weekend.

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OK, i was trying other modes before, but narrowing down my options is better so i can have more chance to play online, and TDM is my fav mode anyway. I might try give a look at some Gears of War clubs on Xbox One as well. Thanks for your suggestion!!

No problem and yes, give TDM a go when it’s like 8-10pm local time for you and you should get into games :+1:

Good luck :raised_hands:

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OK!! Thanks! I’ll send you a message either tomorrow or Sunday. During weekends more people will probably play online