Gears of War 4 Mouse bug PC

So I recently bought Gears of War 4 and immediately have run into an issue, now before I continue I have 2 monitors and already tried disabling the secondary.

The issue is the mouse is not constrained to the game windows/ screen. So the mouse can leave the game while in play and disrupt the game play. Also if you move the mouse down windows 10 taskbar will pop up and disrupt the gameplay.

Now from what I read is the game doesn’t support true full screen and because of that this issue occurs.

All we need is exclusive full screen mode.

Please fix it.

Video showing issue.

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Are you playing in full screen mode? Go to your gears video settings and check. I don’t get this problem at all unless I play in windowed mode. Or, if I press start (whatever the equivalent is) and then have the mouse lingering on the windows bar when I press start again.

Yes it is in full screen mode and I have even tried launching the game from the Xbox game dash to have the same issues. It may be a driver issue with Nvidia, but cannot confirm that because I cannot access the Unreal Engine config file to see what the dev’s have chosen to leave disabled.

Maybe others here can give you advice. I can only tell you that it doesn’t happen to me or any of the many PC players I’ve played with so I’ll bet there’s a setting you’ll be able to change somewhere, though probably not in Gears.

I’m tagging a few PC friends here in case they have something to offer. I’ve never heard them mention this though so it may be a longshot.

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updated with a video

What are your sensitivity and DPI settings?

Seems I have this too. Makes no sense. Not an issue with Steam games.

Also, single display ONLY.

A minor edit.
Tried this on the wife’s PC. Same there.

Try this:

  • Hold the Windows key and press “p” (keep the Windows key held the entire time).

  • Stop when the highlighted option says “primary display only”. Let go of the windows key.

Reboot gears and see if that resolves the issue.

If this doesn’t work, let me know.

This seems a bit odd,

Moving the mouse cursor to the top breaks the Full Screen Mode. (Has the cursor capture OFF, hence why it’s not captured in the picture)

Looks like it is in Borderless Windowed mode instead of Full Screen but you are saying it is Full Screen.

Maybe try switching to windowed and then back to full screen and see if that fixes it.

One thing I’d ask is what the mouse settings are at. What kind of mouse do you have, what is the pointer speed, what DPI is it set to (Windows settings).

If you are unable to find a fix there is a program called Cursor Lock that you can download.

Sure you don’t have this issue? Try and load up Gears, then move your mouse to the top. Nothing happens?
Find this to be very odd as this doesn’t happen in Steam.

Looked into the game settings.
Seems it says “Borderless Full Screen Mode”

When my cursor is visible (menus) I can go up to the top and have the border pop down or go to the bottom and have the start menu pop up.

Once the cursor disappears when i am in a match then it doesn’t leave the game at all or have any issues. If I hit ESC to bring the menu up and the cursor is visible again - then I can go to top or bottom again and have these borders show.

This doesn’t impact my gameplay at all… I thought it’s how it is supposed to be.

Yup seems to be “normal”.
Never noticed this before OP asked.

Right there is only Borderless full screen or windowed.

There is no “true” full screen as far as I can tell actually.

Should also note that I have dual monitor and if the cursor is visible (in menus) then I can move it over to the other screen and fool around on my desktop. Sometimes this will minimize the game though.

With all these Xbox app/Windows “bugs” happy this is the only game I play outside Steam.

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MS needs to take some notes from Steam/Origin/GOG/literally any other distribution platform.

Yeah and I’m the Pope :smiley:
Regardless, not a big issue for me. though it seems to be an issue for OP.

yeah didn’t work. Still have the issues of the task bar popping up during gameplay.