Gears of War 4 Montage - The Way of the Gnasher

Let me know what you think. Just made this a couple weeks ago.


Besides my ears bleeding; this would be pretty cool for 2016/17


Nice vid, like the metal, not hating but its funny the title is “… the way of the Gnasher…” and you start with the Longshot :joy:

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Little advice.
The music you use SHOULD be in sync with the game play.

Instrumentals are the best imo

You cant go wrong.

I used to make BALTIMORE RAVENS montages but stoppped because youtube kept taking them down because of copyright issues even though i put the the free use in the description and didnt make a penny off them.
There are still maybe half of my videos still up. Had close to a million views combined. Maybe 600,000 views with the ones that are left, not sure havnt checked in a min

“Ears Bleeding”? Really? You’re so original.

OMG the damage indicator is MUCH better than in the 5!

I’m glad you could work out what I said through your own post. Such flattery.

Sorry, I just haven’t heard a remark like that since 2008/2009ish.

Glad I can give you the nostalgia you have been searching for all these years my friend :heavy_heart_exclamation:

@ll_R_E_D_l Take notes

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