Gears of War 4 map packs

Please…please…please release all map packs on versus only from Gears 1-3 on Gears 4!! I would be willing to pay a premium…lets say 19.99gb…this would work perfectly as all the characters are avaliable to use…just versus would be fine…even if it was for just team deathmatch and king of the hill!!

Yeah same for Gears 5 while you are at it thanks for listening TC

The game engines were different it would be a re-creation effort to bring pre-4 maps to 4 or 5. Wont happen for 4. Might happen for 5 if they get dedperate enough for old fans, but it would take months & months


Yup. TC struggled to keep up with the GOW4 Season Pass commitment of 2 maps per month for a 12 month period as it was, and that was mostly remakes of old maps. They’d never be able to do this on top of everything else - character skins, weapon skins, designing and balancing Horde/Escape Heroes etc.

I think Gears 4 plays better !! Any of these will do
Tyro Station
Bullet Marsh
Sand Bar