Gears of war 4, main character ages?

Can someone tell me Kaits, JD, and Dels age in Gears 4?

Pretty sure JD is 25.

Kait seemed to be around 20.
Not 100% sure.
JD and Del could be around similar age as above post.
Someone else may know better.

There is no confirmed answer, but its likely they are all in their early 20s.

They are in their 20 as in gear4 trailer JD was 4years and gears4 is story after 16years, now they are 21 years old.

Seriously FYI - Marcus is going to get 20 years younger than his actual age in gears5 due to use of some extremely helpful herbals . We will ask TC later which herb he used.

Unknown right now. Closest i could guess is JD is 23. The Tomorrow trailer takes place 10 years after Gears 3 as said in the collectable picture of JD and Anya. JD ran away from home 5 years prior to Gears 4 (said in collectors guide) which would put him at 18 at the time which is the standard youngest age for joining the military. My guess on Del would be the same age or give or take a year. Kait is very young and still pretty immature so id put her at 20 or 21.