Gears of War 4 low fps

Dear developer, I’ve seen number of threads about Gears of War 4, both on 7700k and Ryzen 2600x processors. My setup is 32 gigs of dual rank (mind you, in STABLE OC mode) with rtx 2080 Gaming OC and I get 30 fps on low and ultra in 2560x1080 resolution.

What the hell is going on? When are you going to fix this mess, why is it working so poorly even after 1-2 years of release?

P.S. all drivers are up to date, plus I’ve tested the game without any OC, still the same crap. Cpu shows 150 fps, while GPU struggles. Owners of GTX 1080 have the same problems. Any solution?

Please try turning off the bloom setting, This greatly increased performance for a couple of users.

If not a recommend creating a ticket at

Reintsalling windows solved the issue :slight_smile:

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Glad that solved it for you. I had to use that option a few months back when my notifications were completely broken.