Gears of War 4 Issues please fix it

Just fix that problem, the Nvidia drivers or whatever is the problem, fix it, more than 1 year later and still no fix:
" Nvidia Driver Crash
When playing on Series 10 or Pascal generation Nvidia Cards, users may find the game crashes during gameplay. Teams across The Coalition and Nvidia have been working hard on finding a resolution to these problems and meet regularly to discuss.

If you are encountering these issues, please follow the steps below:

Turning off Async
After reverting your drivers following the steps above, launch Gears of War 4 and navigate to Options > Advanced Video > Turn off Async Compute

If you continue to encounter issues:

Reverting Drivers

  1. Search for “Change Device Installation Settings” in the search bar.
  2. Open and Select “NO (Your Device might not work as expected)”
  3. Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to remove all display drivers from the PC
  4. Download and install NVidia Drivers 382.53 from the archive site (
  5. Reboot the PC after the drivers have installed

Disable Game Bar and background recording

  1. Go to windows settings > Gaming > Game bar > Turn OFF “Record game clips, Screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar
  2. Navigate to Game DVR in the sidebar of the Gaming menu > Turn OFF “Record in the background while I’m playing a game"
    The “solutions” above doesn’t work. I have the game on Xbox One but I wanna play it on PC but I can’t because the problems.

As of the latest response, TC is still actively talking with Nvidia for a solution to the problem.

I KNOW. It means nothing when more than a year the problem persist, and repeat the same sh#t, It seems that they don’t care and It’s disappointing.

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Yeah, it is frustrating. This problem has been here for a long time and it seems nothing has been done.

Whilst part of me wants to say that a solution will come, it’s been a long time, and if I was a PC player with a Nvidia card, I would be very angry. Sometimes I’m glad I am an Xbox player :smile:

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