Gears of war 4 is boring

Gears of war although I have over 100 days logged in, the lack of variety in game modes and the lame version of horde makes me not want to play after a few hours. I remember spending all day on gears 2-3 not to mention awesome game modes and the better horde variants, I am also not a fan of the ranking system I know it should be working properly but as a diamond 2 in esc going against golds it’s annoying probablly for them also the need to stack teams to win, I miss the good ole days of find a rank and it was fun not always stacked and try hard. Being diamond in most game modes makes the game less fun because when I just want to chill I can’t it tryhards or social bots.


Its understnadable that you’re getting bored, perhaps play horde and campaign on inconcievable? If not then i’d say just move on and play other games to be honest.

Take a break from the game , its what i do , i play destiny 2 , Xcom 2 and so on

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Exactly…I’ve been playing AC Rogue and now I have the DLC for Farcry 5 to play now…not sure if will I be back until September for the new achievements…after that, i’ll more than likely put Gears on the back burner for a bit because Red Dead 2 and AC Odyssey will be out

I went back to gears 3 last week and got retro’d to death from yards away by a stack

The gnasher fights were definitely better than 4 however.

Sorta disagree with horde because this version is more ‘play how you want’ even though people generally setup at a spawn.

If you’re feeling bored just try a different game I guess.

For me Gears never gets boring. I am an addict to this game. I usually only play GoW4 but sometimes Red Dead Redemption 1…preparing for the 2nd one.

Try playing different games a little bit and then jump back on Gears.

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When the shotgun works and you get good with it, i never get bored however the others problems on this game do really put me off, no matter how good that headshot sounds.

Gears 3 was king.

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I like horde 3.0 very much.

Just got back to 2.0 until they free us from that soccer thing.

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I also get super bored of the multiplayer, i can only play 1-3 games before i have to get off… I used to play gow 1 and UE multiplayer for 12 hours a day

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yes… very boring because too many hacker

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