Gears of war 4 Ironman campaign achievement not unlocking

Finally completed gears 4 on hardcore with Ironman on, in co-op and achievements didn’t pop, does anyone else have this problem? I’m not sure I’ll do for the campaign again, this pissing me off

This is not an answer to get the achievement, but you aren’t the only one

Did anyone die at all? - Obvious question, but if they did you’d have had to have followed the correct procedure to trick the game into loading your previous checkpoint. (Deleting your local Gears data and restarting the game, which would then load your last save from your Cloud saves).

Did you check Iron man was on every chapter? - It should’ve been but for some reason it can turn of when it feels like it.

Personally I did it Solo a while ago on Inconceivable to save a separate achievement runs, but it didn’t unlock at the end. I started again and it unlocked after the 2nd chapter of Act I :thinking:

As annoying as it is, I know…believe me, I recommend trying that as you might have the same luck.

I’ve started all over again and as soon as I’ve completed the last chapter of act 1, I’ve got both ironman achievements. Still angry at the game that one chapter didn’t count for me, but happy I don’t have to play the whole campaign. Need just skins chievos for full completion now. Thank you everyone and good luck

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Weird how pretty much the same thing happened to me. Would’ve been more satisfying to actually get it after the final boss :unamused: but whatever.

Good stuff :+1: