Gears of war 4 : I can't move forward, the Z button doesn't work during the game anymore

I stopped being able to move forward right after I got the armor back from the Phoenix Mansion, the Z-key on the keyboard seems to have stopped working in the game.

By default the game was in qwerty so I reassigned Z and Q for the W and A movements,

Does anyone know a way out of this?
(the joystick works but I don’t really like the aiming with it, I prefer to go back to my keyboard & mouse)

According to the French forums, the problem has been going on for years and many people are still encountering it


Getting TC’s attention is probably the only way…

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I hope that one of the techs will be curious enough to check & read my topic.

The only way to unlkock the situation is to rassign the Z button to another one (W for example) or to plug a joystic temporarily .

NB : After the second scene with the tomato plants, the Z button became functional again.