Gears of War 4 has been banning me lately for no reason

I will be playing gears of war and trying to get into a king of thr hill match, select my character and load the game, it’ll load me into the lobby then proceed to boot me, and I got banned an hour and 30 minutes for it, another time I tried desperately to rejoin a game I disconnected from however the load times on my game refused to let me rejoin even though my friends said only the first round had gone by, these events and many others have been happening very frequently, and the main reason I’m here is because I’m sick and tired of getting wrongfully banned or not let to rejoin a game in progress, this is happening way too much lately and it needs to stop, can someone, anyone look into this?

I would’ve looked at it if there was a video clip.
But **** happens.

With their clumsy implementations with the penalties they are only getting is to kill the game quickly.

I have a clip recorded on my Xbox profile