Gears of war 4 gnasher therapy

I posted a couple weeks ago about how this game wasn’t for me well I kept playing and managed to get diamond in tdm. But I still cant get over the gnasher on this game.

It just feels way too precise meaning you can easily miss where as other games you kind of knew where your shots are hitting. There are moments where i get bodied from 10 feet away but I land a point blank active up close and get 80% and other times where I shoot and see blood come out but doesn’t count as a hit. I really want to know exactly the difference between gears 4 vs 3 gnasher 3 just felt so perfect.

Another thing I don’t understand but noticed since launch is the weird camera angle like its curving allowing players to body you while in cover or bullets curving around wall allowing them to body you which doesn’t make sense if every independent round of the shot is not hitting you.

Another is with these delays in mechanics makes gameplay feel clunky. Like coming up for a shot after a roadie run. Reg blindfire in cover feels like a back A on gears 3 jus takes too long to shoot.

So can somebody give me a breakdown, a link? Also what are my chances of beating a player with 25 ping when mine is 45 consistently? Its like i cant hit this player to save my life I can only manage to get 50% out of these players. Like really the game had its problems at launch but the gnashers mechanics were better than it is now but idk somebody give me their thoughts about the gnasher on this game.


I just play Horde

I don’t know man. I have no issues killing a 25ms player when I’m pinging around 40ms. What I have an issue with is killing anyone that’s double or more than my ping.


My ping is 15ms while the enemy is 30ms
My ping is 40ms but the enemy is at 80ms.

In both instances my shots don’t register consistently. The higher ping sponges everything and for the life of me my friends nor I can figure out why. This is why high ping advantage just seems so out of control because even acceptable pings, if at least double, make things go weird. I always tell my friends I’d rather have a 50ms ping than a 15ms because the odds of someone being double my ping at 15ms is 100% whereas a 50ms ping has a better chance of not doing so. I know this sounds crazy but even in 2v2 Gnashers I noticed these oddities. The moment the player double my ping left the lobby the lag for both my friend and I went away.

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Yeah blindfiring is slow af. May as well just back A every time you plan on blindfiring.

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First off, how was gears 3 gnasher perfect? I do recall hate being thrown at the game due to people eating shots. Secondly I have yet to play a gears game when people don’t eat shots. You can barrel stuff them all day, and its a good chance they will eat no matter what ping. Lastly that cover shot crap does need to go, along with the one shot wonder called UP-A.

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Cover shots is a great technique. You use that to not get exposed. Think before you push. Try to get a better angle. This move can easily be beaten if you think.

Idk either but for me its the exact opposite. I face a 25 ping and i lag, last night the player quit and the whole lobby practically froze. This was in comp warmup

This game makes little to no sense. I also have more consistency if I’m pinging at 100ms on a UK server than a 15ms on a US SERVER. I wish I could make sense of it.

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I never had issues with the gnasher on gears 3. Shots were smooth and I knew when i missed. Gears 4 on the other is just frustrating and the fact that I want to love the game makes it even worse. Never had to worry about getting bodied from 10 feet away consistently. Also the hit detect on this game is awful on gears 3 u can easily spot the blood of from your rounds if you hit an opponent no matter the distance with the gnasher. I just believe gears 3 was perfect gnasher wise.

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I’m waiting for my friends so I went into a Coop vs AI match with a 15ms ping and my teammate had a 90ms. Several times I’d point blank a bot that’s in cover and after 3 shots they would chainsaw me. One time I was 10 feet from a bot and the high ping was right next to the chainsaw revving not and I was sucked in for the death :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

High pings always causing issues in lobbies. Even against bots. Of course, this high ping was NOT from the USA. Figures.