Gears of War 4 Gear Packs

I know Gears 5 is coming soon and that is GREAT!! But I would like you to add more or return some of the older gear packs, pls!! I have never opened a specific gear pack with it’s own set! You can add whatever packs you want, but add credit packs!! I really want a specific set!! Maybe this wish will be heard!! Let’s go, Gears 5!!

If I’m not mistaken the items in credit based packs are all craftable so no packs are gonna return

That is sad:((( I don’t want to open elite packs forever:(((

Im pretty sure everything in the Elite Packs are from credit based packs any way.


Yesterday I got both Minh characters from horde boosters and elite packs, I am pushing to Re Up 4 now, which gives 3 elite packs, right?

Not sure how many you get

Anyway, “thanks for the assist”:))) (easter egg quote)

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At this point, your credits might be best spent on horde boosters. Upgrade your skills, scrap your duplicates, and craft whatever you want.

I think all except the Golden Gear.

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Almost every character except the “road to gears 5” characters can be crafted now.

Black Steel, special events and others etc.

To a point, I’d agree with the OP purely because the current set up creates a gigantic pool of cards in the core generic packs and it takes more time for players to complete their sets directly through RNG.

If the original featured packs were permanently available in the store you can at least focus your search based on what you’re missing cos the content of these packs are limited - or at least you’re gauranteed 3 cards per pack to be from that featured series. Right now realistically you need to scrap duplicates and craft what you’re missing which is more time consuming cos of the exchange rate on scrap and crafting.

But I guess this is the point for TC - maximise the time needed for players so they continue playing.

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