Gears of War 4 Game Chat problem

My game chat is not working with my friends playing online. It works in other games but not on Gears 4 . Please help. Xbox settings are on adult.

Wrong place, wrong time man

Do it

You must be new here aren’t you?

Let me break it down to you, so 1st of all I’m not TC, nor is anyone else on the forums.

Only TC_Andius is from TC on the forums and the company no longer supports gears 4 anyways.

Hopefully you understand what kind of position me & you are in, capishe?
Ok good, now go back to what you do…

TC Andius doesn’t work at TC anymore. She left last week…

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What? Why?
Now we don’t have a community manager!

@TC_Andius, is what Circa said true or false?

She left last week.

Why did TC not announce that @GhostofDelta2?

Good question.

'Tis true, a bit of a contract ending and a new opportunity coming up. (GT updated as I’m no longer with TC, but you can check the account history if you want verification). No real announcement because I wasn’t well known like Octus was (although I did tweet out from my personal XD).

Good news though, they’ve already got someone in my slot - TC Sera - and (if you haven’t come across them) they’re in the forums now. There are a few other TC folk around the forums as well.

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Well it’s atleast good to know people haven’t disappeared from the forums.