Gears of War 4 Freezes Wndows 10

Recently GOW4 has been freezing routinely during gameplay. Temps on both cpu/gpu are very good.
I have antivirus turned off during gameplay.

I have latest Nvidia driver installed.

CPU: 7700K (not OC)
GPU: 1070 (not OC)

Connected via LAN. Game installed on SSD.

No other game does this, just GOW4. My only game played under the windows 10 library.

I think this topic is already covered here PC crashes hasn't been fixed! (despite official announce)

Thanks buddy. Will read that one.

It is so annoying these issues.

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What I’m doing right now is popping Win10 on another partition to be my ‘primary use’ OS that has all drivers fully updated including the Nvidia GPU. So I can do the usual day to day and newer games or whatnot. (■■■■)

I’m leaving my current Win10 OS and Gears 4 where it is (on my C drive) Then, I will downgrade my GPU (GTX 1060) back to 382.53, which for me doesn’t crash very much at all.

I don’t like to have two copies of windows on the same PC but it really beats having to rollback and reinstall drivers all the time depending on whether I feel like Gears or not. Just have to exit and boot the Gears OS and ready to rock.

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